Open source exordium-GSSOC 2019

By Shreya- GSSoC’19 Participant

My journey started with my friends and Facebook telling me about this wonderful open source contribution program for beginners. For months I had been trying to get a hold of how it all worked in the open source community, how do you go about contributing in it but all these questions had been unanswered until I was introduced to GSSOC. Girl Script Summer Of Code 2019 was a wonderful experience. It introduced me to the world of open source. We started by introducing ourselves into the community. We then started looking into the various kinds of projects that we could choose from. And then finally chose the projects that we wanted to contribute to. I chose to work on Zero Gravity website where I was required to put my web development skills into action and I chose the cosmos project. Learnt a lot from both these projects. The mentors @AditiyaChatterjee, @Atibhi, and @Prateek Rawal were extremely helpful and guided me along on this journey. It was an enriching experience and I would like to thank the entire team of Girl Script Summer Of Code for providing me with this amazing opportunity.

Looking forward to many more of such experiences!!!

Link to my articles:Thank you for reading.

Originally published at on May 27, 2019.



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