Silently Elegant Journey with G.S.S.O.C

Hello World, I hope you are safe. Hereby I am going to share brief review of how GirlScript Summer of Code helped me to get started with software development in real world. I will try to keep it short and to the point.

Things just started😅

Before G.S.S.O.C, I was more into learning JavaScript, its various features and use cases. But I was not able to make a fully fledged application on my own. Therefore I talked about this to one of my friends. He suggested me, to apply for Girl Script Summer Of Code. And try to contribute to the projects.


Seeing so many projects having different tech stacks, broadened my knowledge about how things really work and it acted as a booster for me.

Moreover, I took around 3 days to figure out, which project shall I get started with. And finally I got one of the projects, Project BlogMan to get started with, as it was having most of the things regarding JavaScript which I was not much aware, and I wanted to explore it.

My First PR😁

I solved one of the major issue regarding recommender package in Project BlogMan. As this issue, was creating a havoc in installation of the project locally, and I started with my first PR Merging to BlogMan. During the solution period, I got to know, more on recommendation systems and how do they work, moreover, brushed up my googling skills and I could get started with the things.

My First Application😍

After this, I wanted to add a new feature to BlogMan, which is MarkDown Article Writer. I talked to the mentors of the project, they guided me to do it as soon as possible. This stage of GSSOC, taught me how to build a full stack application and integration of this application to the project.

Click here to see it

I made very less contribution this time, but whatever I made, it was one of the major issues and was valuable to the project growth.

Thinking Out Of the Box🤗

As project was going through, I was happy to see that BlogMan is now possible to install locally with recommendation feature. Now I felt, it is time, to start building something that matters.

And as pandemic started, I had to give a quick pause to the program. And get started with something that can help the society, and I contributed to, and it all happened because of GirlScript, as it made me confident about developing applications.

My father is working as manager at our private community hospital. So one day, my father asked me to help him with management of stocks of the medicine supplies, and without any second thought, I said, yes I can build a software for you to manage the stocks right way.
Here I created MediFlow for my dad’s workplace, currently, its a private repository. And really seeing one of the software delivered by me, helping the community in a way, made me so happy and I am thankful to GirlScript Summer Of Code, to help me get started, though my PR’s merging was very less, but I learnt a lot about software development and I can say one of my software is helping the people in need.

If you want to contribute to MediFlow, ping me at LinkedIN or mail to :

On developing MediFlow, I got to know the usage of TravisCI and how to test in real world before landing on to production level.

Thank You So Much 🧡 GirlScript Foundation 🧡, you are always amazing. 😊😊😊



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