Girlstreamers at Dragon Con 2017

Convention goers need to check out Dragon Con if you’ve never been. Dragon Con is one of my all time favorite conventions. I am a little biased though because it was the first con I ever went to and it’s in my home town of Atlanta. This year we decided to do an official GS meet-up since we had quite a few girls coming to the convention. It’s nice to put faces to the names and be able to meet up and get to know the girls who are a part of the community.

Dragon Con is a little Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Pop Culture convention that happens in Atlanta. I think the count was over 80,000 people that showed up this year and it just continues to grow. What is appealing about this convention? It has a little bit of everything for everyone. There are some amazing panels in all different genres and fandoms across the board including a growing gaming track. There is also a huge cosplay culture within Dragon Con, I want to say about 75% of people actually cosplay throughout the weekend. I partake in the cosplaying and build a lot of my cosplays on stream, which several of the other streamers have done as well. There is a lot that goes on at this 4 day convention and if you’ve never been I highly recommend coming down one year just to see what it’s all about. You might be surprised what you’ll discover.

Back to Girlstreamers at Dragon con, I along with other leaders took time to set up this meet-up and provide some cool swag and it went over so well we hope to be able to continue doing this. Getting out in the convention scene is a great way for us to network and get more exposure. But I’m not here to talk about business I’m here to talk about fun! So we had about 6 total ladies show up from the community and we hung out at The Pulse Bar in the Marriott, which if you’ve never been to Dragon Con let me just say it’s one of the largest hang out spots for the convention. I made the meet up open ended because I wasn’t expecting everyone to show up right at the scheduled time but almost everyone showed up and stayed for around 3 hours just talking shop. We discussed things from bots to use in discord to differences between twitch and mixer, and so much more. I have to say I am blown away every time when I meet a fellow community member because I learn something new every time and get a warm fuzzy feeling that just makes me happy to be a part of this group.

I hope to continue having these types of meet-ups because I think it’s awesome to meet each other in person and you end up sharing knowledge along with other things that you don’t always get through a computer screen. There is definitely something to physically being able to be around these intelligent and fun women and I can’t wait till the next convention to meet some more Girlstreamers!

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