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Applying Proven Analytical Tools to Mitigate Consumer Mobility and Negative Sentiment online.

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What should your company do if a highly regarded source, whether through a survey or other trusted types of analysis, shares concerns of a dramatic shift in consumer sentiment?What steps can you take as a leader in your organization to address this change? These are essential questions to answer as there is an inevitable, yet understandable, variability in the market in 2021. Leadership must be willing to investigate which techniques would be best when testing new products’ likelihood of success within target markets. …

Continuing my personal journey into learning more about Dgraph Slash GraphQL, I wanted to create a graph visualization of data stored in a graph database. Graph visualization (or link analysis) presents data as a network of entities that are classified as nodes and links. To illustrate, consider this very simple network diagram:

Why does the prevalence of information reduce the attention of the knowledge worker? How can an analytics strategy overcome this phenomenon?

Graham Waters

When I worked as a Realtor,

I would often find myself charting out my cold calls and keeping needless statistics that, in retrospect, held little or no future value. This seemed like a

How organizations use data governance to manage risk

“Data risk is the exposure to loss of value or reputation caused by issues or limitations to an organization’s ability to acquire, store, transform, move, and use its data assets” (Deloitte, 2018).

In modern organizations, data governance has become the modus operandi for any company that is seeking success. Bhansali (2014) lists several risk categories in her book Data Governance — creating value from information assets, namely, web data, mobile data, and USB, or core data (p.14).

What type of risks are they managing?

These different possible risk vectors have their dimensions as well: “Integrity, Accuracy, Completeness, Consistency, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Confidentiality, Availability, Compliance, and Reliability” (Addagada, 2016).

Responses of organizations to data-risk

Marketing to Millennials

Without a doubt, millennial marketing is the single most crucial aspect of an effective marketing plan in 2020. But what exactly makes marketing to millennials so critical for modern businesses? If you are looking for qualitative market research information then check out my other article on this. Note: If you’re in a hurry then you can skip the section on 26 marketing strategies. This is a long list and they are fantastic material that I have found to be transformative in my growth. Millennials are the biggest group of consumers on the planet today and also the most connected. They…

Chess Theory applied to Enhanced Offensive Cybersecurity Against Ransomware Attacks (Part 1)

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A Study in Black and White: Cyber-Chess (Part 1)

What should you do if your company is hacked by black hat actors that are intent on holding your data hostage? This article explores the world of chess theory to provide some insight into ways of being offensively defensive in these situations and potentially protecting yourself from ransomware attacks. This is the first article I have written on the subject; however, it was fascinating how much there is out there about this subject. For that reason I will be writing several more articles in coming weeks about applying chess theory to data security. Stay tuned. Now, what do you do…

Through RFID and wearables

There are several ways that Beaver Creek Colorado could optimize their skiing experience through the application of analytics and geospatial tracking. Some potential technologies include RFID technology and anklets for willing skiers.

The image above shows the interface of the mobile app EpicMix. It can track skiers movements and keeps live stats on lift wait times and slope availability. This is a neat tool for tech-minded skiers; however the entire user experience could be so much more optimized if each ski location kept statistics through distributing wearables to all skiers that they must register by answering several questions. …

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Some of the fascinating tools within the data mining family are found under the umbrella category labeled: directed algorithms. This is to signify the relationship between the nodes within the data being analyzed. A further subset of these directed algorithms contains the classification algorithms. Finally, within the classification genre are three primary tools that industry experts use: Decision Trees, Naïve Bayes, and Neural Networks, and this is the group that we will focus on in this post (Lim & Heinrichs, 2016, p. 2694).

The models and algorithms used by artificial neural network (ANN) applications

To understand artificial neural networks and…

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Department of Graduate Studies, Brandeis University

February 19, 2021

Keywords: Data Mining, Crime Data Mining, Proactive Policing


Data mining has been applied to many fields, from insurance to agriculture, and some of the brightest researchers of our time have devoted themselves to advancing the technology. One significantly utilitarian and relevant use of data mining that has gained traction in the last decade is applying data mining techniques to law enforcement data which is notoriously complex and unstructured. This case study examines a specific use of this in Richmond, Virginia, in response to a study published in 2005 by Dr…

The Vertafore Variable: Texas Cybersecurity Breach

Department of Graduate Studies, Brandeis University

Keywords: Data Security, Vertafore Inc, PII, Hacks, Cybercrime, Pramata

Photo by Chad Kirchoff on Unsplash


What would have been on the front page of every Texas News Site and paper was momentarily quieted by the roar of collective COVID fear and election hype that gripped our nation in the last year. Now that 2021 has begun and some of the hum has gone down, it is time to revisit one of the many gifts that 2020 reserved just for Texans. The company Vertafore Inc, a major software solutions provider for insurance companies and brokers, was hacked in 2020 by nefarious actors who targeted the company…

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