GitBetter Mutant News (#1)

As my partners and I begin to venture down the path towards start-up something or other, I find myself attempting to steal some time in the mornings/lunch breaks/evenings to scan the news, find articles of interest. All those productivity articles I’ve procrastinated through about effective routines have tortured me into feeling compelled to get things done before my second cup of coffee. Can’t say I’m always on point, but I do my best.

What I hope is that this becomes a working digest of the things that we find interesting. Not sure about the frequency yet, but I’m thinking that this will turn into a weekly digest focusing on technology and other miscellany that we find interesting.

I’d appreciate your feedback about areas of interest or how we can add to this or make improvements. This is just the beginning but we all know that things can always be a little bit better.

To begin, a little around trends:

A recent look at HackerNews Hiring Trends — React’s rapid rise.

As data overtakes oil as the world’s most valuable resource, it becomes an issue of trust.

Check out the Recode Decode interview with Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya to hear about how VC needs to understand the businesses they are investing in or suffer a “huge, rude awakening.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m embracing the chatbot revolution.

On the employment front:

Welcome to the CEO of Me, Inc.— Having worked for companies that treat their (valued?) employees as expendable resources, it is no surprise that the pendulum would eventually swing the other way. Good jobs used to be with the companies that provided the most for their employees. Now they are the ones that prepare us for the next job, and then the next one. As markets order the world, bring on the world of the empowered quitter employee.

GoodTime nabs $2M to match job applicants with interviewers to save time and build rapport. Good for the quitters out there.

And some random:

Here’s a virtual fidget spinner, because why the hell not?

With all the print devoted to the sun disappearing, someone was smart enough to capture the eclipse on a Gameboy camera. Beautiful isn’t it?

Lastly, we all could use a little creative challenge in our lives. Give it a shot. Let me know how it goes. I might just keep you updated on my progress.

Until next time — Steve P.

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