Burner Wallet at ETHDenver was 🔥

The biggest pop-up economy powered by crypto in history!

Image from Rich@Maker

Burner Wallet TL;DR

The Burner wallet works in your mobile web browser like Safari so no app download and no seed phrase. It runs on the xDai network so transactions always completed within five seconds, you can do hundreds of them for a penny, and it’s pegged to the dollar so there is low cognitive overhead. The best part is onboarding is as easy as opening your camera.


It was incredibly stressful to get it right; it took months of building, weeks of user testing, and days of pacing food trucks. The Burner Wallet at ETHDenver was straight up 🔥 AF.

Image from Rich@Maker

There were 11 food trucks that sold a total of 4405 meals over the course of the weekend. Here is an example of a meal being purchased. Notice the transaction cost of $0.000046 USD? That means for all of the transactions for all of the meals the cost of running the wallet on xDai was $0.20!!! That’s pretty good for a total of $38,432.56 being paid in DAI to the trucks:

(not all truck off-ramps pictured here)

That isn’t even the best part! The key here is that it was so easy to use that the user adoption rate was through the roof…

To read the full story visit: https://gitcoin.co/blog/burner-wallet-at-ethdenver-was-fire/