Ethereal Virtual Hackathon — Get Started

Hackathon is LIVE! Participate in $40k+ bounties from the top projects in the web3 space.

Hi there, and thanks for your interest in the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon 2019 — Powered by Gitcoin & Microsoft. The hackathon is LIVE NOW, until April 30th.

Why Participate

Everyone: We are offering a $500 bounty to refer hackers to bounties. (how meta!)

Developers: During this hackathon, you can participate in tens of thousands of dollars of bounties, with the TOP projects in the Ethereum space, from anywhere!

Funders: We believe that great developers in the Ethereum space is a leading indicator of adoption & growth for the ecosystem. As such, it is in our best interest to find the next great developer(s) to enter the ecosystem!

Recruiting developers & finding the one you want to work with is a hard problem. We’re providing this service to the community to help them bring developers onto their team (whether its just for one bounty, or it developers into something more after the bounty is up to you)

How to Participate

Here’s how to get started:

Watch the video TLDR ^^

0. Setup

First, let’s open open some tabs:

1. Choose a bounty

If you click ‘View Prizes’, you will see a list of bounties. If you click on one, youll be taken to the bounty detail page.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb for interacting with the bounties:

  • Github is the collaboration layer. All Gitcoin bounties are built off of ‘Github’. You can, at any time, click ‘View on Github’ to see whats up on the GIthub Thread.
  • Gitcoin is the incentive layer. Gitcoin does not aim to replace Github, only augment it. You can find details about the prizes, and bounty activity on Gitcoin.

2. Work on a bounty

When you decide there is a bounty (or team) that strikes your fancy bit, you’ll want to do two things.

  1. Click ‘Start Work’ and let them know you’re interested in the bounty.
  2. Write up a little paragraph about yourself / what your skillset is / why you think this bounty is a fit for you.

For bonus points, you can announce in the discord that you’re working on this! (Pro-Tip: Discord is a great place to find a teammate too)

3. BUIDL it!

Build something great. You have 2 weeks. Bounties are due April 30th.

4. Submit Work + Earn Eth

When it comes time to submit work, you can follow this handy guide to see how that is done.

Thanks for Participating!

It is a great pleasure to be hosting such an amazing community of BUIDLers on the platform, and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

As always, let’s grow open source, together.

Kevin Owocki, Co-Founder — Gitcoin

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.