Everyone Ships

A celebration of the projects in the blockchain community that are SHIPLing

My daughter is about to go through potty-training and we’ve just purchased the book Everyone Poops, a famous book here in the US which helped parents all over the world with potty training.

I’ve previously written about how important SHIPLing is to the blockchain space. It’s important that ‘Everybody Ships’, because SHIPLing is an important part of iterating towards a successful dApp, infrastructure project, and more.

I also wanted to dogfood Gitcoin’s cooperative bounties feature, which we had launched in June. The end result is that Gitcoin put together a fun little 10 page coffee table book called ‘Everyone Ships’. Checkout the art below!

The Everyone Ships Book

Special thanks to dustindreifuerst for being my Huckleberry, and doing all the great artwork for the books.

We just printed a test batch, which I am using to socialize the idea. They came out pretty well, I think.

Everyone Ships

If you’d like one, please send $25 worth of ETH (domestic) or $45 worth of ETH (international) to 0xdf83a9b5d998a2f12b93ffd923617192ec4fcc56, and DM me on Twitter. Be sure to also include the transaction ID and your mailing address!

This project was made with Gitcoin!

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