Everything You Need to Know About Gitcoin

Our Mission: “Grow Open Source”

Vivek Singh
Jul 24, 2018 · 3 min read
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Image result for gitcoin

What is Gitcoin?

We are a mission driven project whose primary goal is to grow the open source community by allowing for better incentivized collaboration in the realm of open source software.

One thing that you will notice after exploring Gitcoin is that there is no token for the Gitcoin ecosystem. We support all ERC20 tokens in an effort to promote Ethereum as a whole.

Traditional Employment Model (1 to many) <> Open Source Jobs (many to many; actual Gitcoin data)

Understanding How Gitcoin works

Gitcoin For Contributors (Bounty Hunters, Developers)

We’ve written up some profiles on some of our most prominent Gitcoin contributors. Check out their stories to get a feel for how things work on the platform from the eyes of a seasoned developer

  • Kenneth Ashley: Front-end developer who built Gitcoin Grants + more
  • Will Goi: UI/UX Designer who built Gitcoin Requests

Gitcoin For Funders (Repo Maintainers)

To read the full story visit: https://gitcoin.co/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-gitcoin/


Grow Open Source

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