Gitcoin Grants: CLR Matching

Matching contributions with up to $25,000 in funding, in ETH

EDIT 2019/02/23: Results announced here.

Gitcoin is excited to announce our first formal experiment with CLR, with $25,000 in matching contributions from Gitcoin’s CLR Fund. Our sponsors for this fund include the Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys, via their respective grants programs, and unnamed donors in the Ethereum ecosystem.

As outlined in our recent post, the CLR mechanism is a concrete proposal for turning your small donations into something much larger. It requires a simple formula to achieve this goal.

  1. Crowdfund individual donations towards open source projects.
  2. A match from governments, grant programs, or private philanthropists

We are providing the $25,000 match. We need you to tell us where to put the money!

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