Gitcoin Product Update

Gitcoin Product Updates from March 2019

Hello again from the Gitcoin team! We’ve been heads-down and hard at work on some new features to help you Grow Open Source. Here are some updates from the past month from us and our community of developers.

Star Ratings

In the February update, we launched the ability for funders and contributors to rate each other. Since then we’ve added granular ratings to the bounty experience as well as the ability to rate the experience on past bounties. Beyond basic payout, multiple contributors can now be rated in our advanced payout feature making it super simple to payout those cooperative or contest bounties.

Invite Gitcoiners and Earn Kudos

Know someone perfect for a bounty? Send a link to a friend or colleague and once they’ve completed the bounty, you’ll both earn a limited edition Kudos! Access the Share button on the issue details page and invite talented developers that you know!

Private Repo Bounties

Need help with development work on a private repo? Work with great contributors through our secure private repo feature. Focus on the work and we’ll handle the NDAs for you directly on Gitcoin. Fund an issue on your private repo here!

Gitcoin Leaderboard

Want to know who on the platform to work with? Looking for that fantastic developer? Checkout the Gitcoin Leaderboard! Get an at a glance view of the top contributors on our platform. Filter by the top earners, organizations, Kudos, cities, country, development language and more!

Bounties Platform Fee

Gitcoin does not have a token. Gitcoin’s mission has always been to “grow open source.” Providing the community with opportunities to sustain itself eventually means finding ways to help keep Gitcoin’s lights on as well. We’ve rolled out a 10% platform fee for posting issues on the Gitcoin marketplace. (not sure if we want to add: We’ve received alot of feedback from the community and we appreciate the conversation around this topic!)

As usual, we’re back to work on new things and we’ll be back for another update. In the mean time we’ll be working on tightening up our core experience, profile improvements, skills matching, user directory, and exploring ways to sustain the Gitcoin Grants product.

Here is a quick preview of what we’ll be working on the rest of this quarter.

Have a feature in mind that’ll really power your workflow? Let us know! We love to hear suggestions from our community. Happy Gitcoining!

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.