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Grow Open Source: EF Grant

An initial $25K worth of Gitcoin bounties for Ethereum infrastructure projects

Our Overall Strategy

Over the course of 2–3 months, we aim to deploy $25K worth of bounties on Ethereum infrastructure repositories using Gitcoin bounties.

Where We Are Today

Some examples of Ethereum repositories we’ve already sent Gitcoiners to include cpp-ethereum, sharding, web3py, solidity, eth-utils, and Casper FFG.

From the Gitcoin Issue Explorer!
Prysmatic Labs: A Sharded Ecosystem Block Explorer

The Next Two Months

Our OKR’s for the $25K bounty program are as follows.

  • Onboard 50+ developers who directly make meaningful contributions to Ethereum repositories
  • Apply consistent high documentation standards across major Ethereum Foundation repositories
  • Engage with 6–8 EF team leads on how to continue to scale their development teams



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