Hiring is Broken

The good news is it can be done faster, cheaper, easier, and less risk with Gitcoin

Kevin Owocki
May 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Hiring for developers is broken. Really broken.

Let’s say you’re the leader at a startup in the year 2018. Your project is growing, and it’s looking like time to staff up.

By the nature of you being in a situation in which you need to staff up, you’ve got more work to do than you have time to get done.

In order to hire a new developer, you’ve got to source candidates, run an interview funnel, and onboard them on your policies, product, and codebase.

All of this adds more work! Didn’t you want to hire someone to relieve your work burden? Talk about being kicked when you’re down.

Hiring is an investment of time that helps your team grow over time.

To read the full story visit: https://gitcoin.co/blog/hiring-is-broken/

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source and change the way we work.


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