How I Paid My Rent With Crypto

Even when the price is dropping

As a freelancer my income can sometimes be a little... patchy. I decided to take this summer off from any large contracts, and focus on traveling, enjoying life, and launching some side projects I've been working on for too long. Unfortunately, my rent is still due on the first of every month. Fortunately, there is Gitcoin. My share of rent is $750 USD a month, in Washington, DC, USA. Here is how I paid it in August.

Coding bounty ($56)

Gitcoin is a tool for Open Source projects to fund bounties for their issues on Github. Then developers with a bit of free time, like myself, can complete bounties, make pull requests and get paid for supporting Open Source.

Decentraland, an Open Source VR + blockchain project, needed some help with their documentation and 'Hello World' examples for their new SDK. So I completed a bounty.

Gitcoin Tip ($300)

One of the things I love about Gitcoin is that it is built using Gitcoin. I helped the team find a bug in their code and was rewarded with an unexpected tip. Thanks Kevin Owocki ❤️!

Meet-up event bounty ($250)

Not all the bounties on Gitcoin are for coding. This bounty asked Gitcoiners to run a workshop or talk about their project at a game-dev event. As the host of a VR meetup group, I hosted a workshop, had a lot of fun, and got paid as well.

This bounty is still open for others too!

Hackathons ($250)

Gitcoin is also a platform of choice for paying out prizes during hackathons. Many companies and projects sponsoring ETHBerlin paid out winnings via Gitcoin bounties. Colony also hosted their own complete hackathon just using Gitcoin and some Github repos.

I didn’t end up winning the Colony hackathon, but I did win another one outside of Gitcoin. I got a prize Open Simple Token’s Alpha hackathon, where I built an event app with their token transfer web API. I found out about this event from another Gitcoiner via the community slack.

Paying For Rent

The total came out to about $825 when I converted to fiat (that my landlord accepts). That's enough for rent and to take my fiancé out for a nice dinner.

I hope someone finds this helpful. Come hangout in the Gitcoin community slack with me and let’s grow open source, together.

Built with ❤️ in Washington DC by Joseph Schiarizzi.

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