How to host a Burner Wallet event

Decentralized pop-up economies are on the rise

We’ve proven that the Burner wallet works well at small events like the Cypherpunk Speakeasy: Participants receive a paper wallet with a private key on the inside. After scanning it with their phone’s camera they have a wallet loaded with tokens. No app download. No seed phrases. They scan another QR code at the bar to buy a beer. Chug. Rad. 🚀

But, how does this scale? Can we run this same UX for 2000 people?

At ETHDenver we did just that and it worked pretty well. The following is an explanation of how to do the same thing and what to watch out for.

Point of Sale System

The first thing you should do if you want to create a pop-up local economy is have a phone, tablet, or laptop open to You will start with an empty wallet:

Inexpensive Amazon Fire Tablet running the Burner wallet at

If you would like to create a QR code to accept funds for a specific item or group of items, hit the “Request” button. Type in the item name and the amount you want to charge. Then, this will generate a QR code to display:

Hit “Request” to create a QR code that a customer can scan with their camera to purchase with Burner.

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