Introducing Kudos Trophies

Physical Trophies for the winners of the Status Hackathon

We recently launched Kudos, a non-fungible token meant to help Open Source Developers show appreciation for each other by sending beautiful artwork.

Here is what Kudos looks like:

Find more Kudos at

We launched Kudos with 135 Non-Fungible Kudos Tokens available for purchase, at Devcon4. Kudos can be sent to any Github user or Ethereum address.

As part of our launch campaign at Devcon4 this year, we wanted to give Kudos to as many ecosystem players as we thought deserved it. So when Status announced a Hackathon in the days preceding Devcon4, we thought it was a natural fit that we’d give Kudos to each of the winners of the hackathon.

And thus Kudos Trophies were borne!

Kudos Trophies: NFT SolidCoins

Each Kudos Trophy is a physical trophy, which has a QR code on the bottom of it that allows it to be redeemed on Gitcoin’s website.

When the user scans a QR code, they are taken to a dapp where they can transfer the Kudos to an address they control:

We hope that the Kudos Trophies we built for the Status Hackathon were memorable souvenirs for all of the winners of the hackathon, and we hope to BUIDL them again for events in the future (hint: ETHDenver :) )

Special thanks to our friends at SolidCoin for helping us make this happen.

And Extra special Thanks to Andy, Nabil, Jarrad, and the rest of the Status team.


Kudos Trophies, coming to an event near you.

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