Introducing The Gitcoin Ambassadors

Introducing the inaugural group of stewards of the Gitcoin community

In late October, we announced the Gitcoin Ambassador Program, an initiative we built to involve the Gitcoin community in our mission to grow open source. We had an overwhelming response — we received over 30 incredible applications from a worldwide group of passionate Gitcoiners.

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to our eight new ambassadors in Wave 0 of the Gitcoin Ambassador Program. First, some high level statements about the group

  • The Gitcoin Ambassadors have experience as developers, community builders, students, CEO’s, and product marketers 🛠
  • The Gitcoin Ambassadors hail from 4 continents and 7 countries 🌎
  • Perhaps most importantly, each of them care a great deal about the mission to grow open source. We’re excited to have them all involved 🌳

Without further ado, please help us welcome the team.

Christopher Kuhn

KuhnChris in Slack | Github

Chris is Austrian (big mountains, no kangaroos!), fascinated with microelectronics, and a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a focus on SHIPLing. If you’re in the Gitcoin Slack on contributing to the Gitcoin Web Repo, it’s likely you’ve already met Chris.

Charles St. Louis

CPSTL in Slack | Github, Twitter, LinkedIn

Charles started working in the blockchain space approximately 2 years ago beginning with private blockchain solutions leveraging Hyperledger Fabric at RBC. He became enthralled with everything open source and immersed himself in the Ethereum ecosystem, specifically smart contract and dApp development, obtaining his Ethereum development certification from the blockchainhub at York University. From there, he began working with EVERY, where he worked on Ethereum smart contract development/auditing, wallet UI/UX and the product marketing strategy. Currently, he is leading the open source development and developer community areas at Polymath and contributing to open source projects and helping with community growth.

Bob Jiang

BoB Jiang in Slack | Github, Twitter

Bob is the Founder of, a certified Scrum Trainer, a core organizers of AgileTour China, and a translator of Essential Scrum. He’s focused on bringing Gitcoin to the Chinese market — if you’re in China, feel free to reach out to him with questions or ideas!

Anish Agnihotri

Anish Agnihotri in Slack | Github

Anish is a student developer based out of Toronto who loves to squash bugs, buidl with new technologies, and go sleepless for days at hackathons. He’s an often contributor to the Gitcoin codebase, community slack, and is a blast to talk to about a variety of subjects around Ethereum, open source, and software development.

Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Usman in Slack | Github, Twitter

Muhammad Usman is currently a pre-final year student at PES University, Bangalore. His major is Computer Science and he’s interested in NLP, ML, and blockchain. He loves Python, programming, traveling and is an avid cricket follower.

Steven Hatzakis

shatzakis in Slack | Github, Twitter, LinkedIn

Steven Hatzakis runs (a Reink Media Brand), and is CEO of his NY-based consulting firm that advises blockchain and fintech-focused startups, and is a Director of BCA Ventures Inc. Steven first wrote about cryptocurrency market inefficiencies in 2013 and has published over 1,000 articles and is quoted in Academic research papers and in the media. He contributes to open-source crypto tools, and self-regulatory efforts such as The Brooklyn Project, and is head of the Blockchain Expert Committee (BEC) at Financial Commission. He has spoken at industry events around the world about cryptocurrency and financial technology. Steven holds a series III license and is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in the US.


Mickey in Slack

A dad of 4 super awesome girls his main project! He’s a natural lover of psychology, human behavior, [numbers] cryptography, [astro] physics, open source, futurism, along with all the other cool stuff. “Jack of all trades, master of none” — the dude that knows a little, about a lot 🤷‍♂️

He loves to think about novel ideas that would result in less human suffering. His guilty pleasures are pondering the existence of intelligent alien life 👽, living in the matrix, & time travel. These are a perfect fit for the conversations that happens in Gitcoin Slack!

Onuwa Nnachi Isaac

iamonuwa in Slack | Github, Twitter

Onuwa Nnachi Isaac has over 7 years experience in software development, system design and architecture, cloud infrastructure, scalable and distributed applications and systems integrations. He was introduced to blockchain a year ago and since then has being working extensively using blockchain technology, smart contracts, and distributed app development. He has contributed and still contributes to a lot open source project some of which include MarketProtocol, LivepeerJS, etc.

The Ambassadors will help with anything and everything Gitcoin. Have questions for them? Look out for them on Gitcoin Slack or on Discourse. We’re lucky and thankful to have them along our journey to grow open source, together.

We’re looking to build a global team of Ambassadors. Interested in community, hosting events, and helping people? We will be opening up the Ambassador Application page in Q1 of 2019 to bring on the next wave of ambassadors. Express interest here and stay tuned.