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Demystifying Gitopia Ecosystem

The different participants in the Gitopia ecosystem fall into the categories or roles explained below:

1. Community

The different kinds of members in an open-source community are explained below:

  1. Leader: The leader is the person who is responsible for making the final decision about features, releases, and other activities related to an open-source project.
  2. Maintainers: Maintainers are the people responsible for maintaining an open-source project. They direct the orchestra of developers and reviewers, making sure that they perform their tasks efficiently.
  3. Contributors: Contributors are the people who contribute code, documentation, etc., to open source projects. They fix bugs and write code to improve open source projects.
  4. Citizen developers: Citizen developers are the people who actually use open-source software. They give the project a purpose and help it grow by providing valuable feedback on bugs and feature requests. (read more)

2. Educators and Researchers

3. Organizations, Open Source Foundations, and DAOs(Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

4. Validators and Delegators

5. Gitopia Ecosystem Partners

6. Evangelists(Open-Source and Crypto)



Gitopia is a decentralized code collaboration platform with built-in incentivisation mechanism to reward open source projects.

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