Introducing Custom GitPOAPs

Colfax Selby
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4 min readNov 16, 2022


GitPOAPs are helping software maintainers reward their communities for meaningful contributions on GitHub. But, the concept of recognition is valuable far beyond that.

Today, we are excited to announce the the launch of Custom GitPOAPs — a generalized tool for offering recognition for any time-bound, collaborative effort or accomplishment. You can now use GitPOAP to celebrate and incentivize any contribution that is meaningful to your project or community.

Take a moment to think about who your most valued contributors are or what recent milestones you’ve accomplished on your team. Do you have a community of translators helping you make your website accessible? Did you just launch a major new feature or redesign your app? Do you have an army of support warriors helping you field user requests?

Custom GitPOAPs are a tool for offering recognition for all of the above, looking back in history & forward into the future, and we’re excited to see how you use them. Click here to begin creating yours now.

What are Custom GitPOAPs?

Custom GitPOAPs allow you to recognize any sort of contribution or accomplishment, not just code updates. They come in the form of verified, blockchain-based badges (POAPs) and they can be awarded to any set of users specified by their:

  • GitHub username
  • Email address
  • Ethereum address
  • ENS name

What should I use Custom GitPOAPs for?

We’re excited to see how you want to recognize the meaningful contributions in your community. Here are some examples of what many organizations are already using Custom GitPOAPs for:

  • Commemorate & recognize software releases
  • Reward contributions to large project-wide initiatives
  • Appreciate valuable community feedback & bug reports
  • Hackathon participation

Also, with email awarding now available, it makes it really easy to export & recognize a set of users from many tools you’re using to collaborate (Figma, Atlassian/Jira, Crowdin), so let your imagination run wild!

Check out the GitPOAP Canva template and the design guide to help with your artwork.

What is the process to create a Custom GitPOAP?

Head on over to and provide the following information to request your GitPOAP’s creation:

  • GitPOAP design
  • GitPOAP name
  • Description
  • Accomplishment period

Select the initial recipients of your new GitPOAP (don’t worry, you can add more later).

When you’re happy, click “Create & Submit for Review” to send your design to the GitPOAP team for review.

You can manage and make edits to your GitPOAP while it is under review in the “Pending” status here:

The GitPOAP team will be in touch to inform you that your request has been approved or rejected. If approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know your GitPOAP is live & ready to be minted! If the submission is rejected, you can edit your GitPOAP and resubmit for approval again.

How can I create a beautiful design?

Canva is a great tool to use for anyone to create nice looking designs, we’ve created a template for you to use to get started.

If you’d like to get some help, the Poapathon community is a great place to get high quality designs done at a reasonable cost. And if you still are having trouble, or want some help from our design team, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to support you!

How can I ensure my Custom GitPOAPs request is approved?

Ensure your request represents a meaningful achievement or contribution and is time-bound (e.g. a GitPOAP per year, or a specific event) & collaborative. A GitPOAP should represent taking a valuable action that contributes to a project’s improvement — Avoid requesting a Custom GitPOAP for things like commemorating a memory, tracking event attendance, etc., those are good use cases for POAP itself.

How do I manage an approved & live Custom GitPOAP?

After your GitPOAP is approved and created, you’ll have the ability to manage eligible users on an ongoing basis. Navigate to your “My GitPOAPs” page (, select “Edit” and add users with their GitHub username, email, Ethereum address or ENS name.

I’ve created my Custom GitPOAP — what’s next?

Share the exciting news and appreciation with your contributors who are now eligible to earn a GitPOAP!

After awarding them, you can create gated access & manage membership with Guild, your contributors can show off their work on Mazury, and there’s so much more you can do on

What’s the difference between a GitPOAP and a regular POAP?

A GitPOAP represents recognition for a meaningful contribution or valuable action taken that positively impacts a project or organization. POAPs aren’t limited to represent a valuable professional contribution, often, they are used as a tool to commemorate or celebrate life events, recognize attendance, etc.

Why do I need to connect my wallet to create a GitPOAP?

Your Ethereum address is your user account on GitPOAP. The GitPOAPs you create are controlled by your address, so you can come back and edit them & manage recipients without having to keep track of any edit codes, passwords, etc. Don’t worry, GitPOAP will never initiate any transactions on your behalf.