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Didiet Agus Pambudiono
Oct 14 · 7 min read

This event was held at Udayana University, a government's university in Bali.
Why Bali? Bali is an island in Indonesia and it is a popular Island among the tourists. Bali is famous because of its nature and culture. A few months ago, the openSUSE Asia Committee had been decided, and Indonesia was chosen as the host for openSUSE Asia Summit 2019.

There was a call for paper, so I submitted about 5 papers for this event. One of them had been chosen to be presented in this event. It was a brief about how to deploy and use SuSE Portus in the openSUSE Leap 15.1.

Luckily, PT GITS Indonesia, the company where I am working right now, supported me, so I could attend this event. This is my third openSUSE Asia Summit contribution as a speaker. Three years ago in Jogjakarta, last year in Taipei, and now in Indonesia as its second time hosted this event.


I arrived on October 3rd evening. When I had lunch with Andi Sugandi, my friend Kukuh Syafaat contacted me on Telegram and asked if I could come to the community meeting. In the meeting, we discussed many things, including the documentation of the openSUSE Kubic and host of the upcoming openSUSE Asia Summit.

Who attended the meeting were Fuminobu Takeyama; Kentaro Hatori (Japan), Gerald Pfeifer (CTO SuSE EMEA based and Chair of openSUSE), Dr. Axel Braun (GnU Health and openSUSE Board), Douglas DeMaio (openSUSE Manager), Max Huang openSUSE Taiwan), Ish Sookun (openSUSE Mauritius), Simon Lees (openSUSE Board), and from Indonesia there are M. Edwin Zakaria; Saputro Aryulianto; Kukuh Syafaat; and Estu Fardani.

openSUSE Asia Community Meeting

After the meeting, we went to Welcome Dinner location on New Furama Cafe, Jimbaran beach. It was a wonderful view to see the sunset and we had dinner on the coast. On that occasion, we met other speakers from overseas, also welcomed Johannes Segitz, a security engineer from SuSE, Cédric Bosdonnat, Xabier Arbulu Insausti, and from sponsors; Attila Pinter and others.

Welcome Dinner with Speakers

First Day

The day had come. So after breakfast, I went to the location of the Summit on Faculty of Information Technology, Udayana University, and that was my first time to meet my online friend Putu Shinoda, a lecturer on that university.


On the first day, we had Dr. Axel Braun as Board and introduced Gerald Pfeifer as the new Chairperson of openSUSE, Simon Lees, and Douglas DeMaio as Keynote Speakers, and after that, I attended Max Huang’s presentation on the main hall. Max presented about openSUSE Kubic and how to use it. After that, I went to Samsul Maarif’s class, in the class, he was talking about how to deploy gitlab-runner on several servers using Ansible. Ansible is an automation tool to use deployment with several servers at one chance.

Gerald Pfeifer (left) and Dr. Axel Braun (right)
Max Huang, Samsul Maarif, and Zufar Dhiyaulhaq

I also attended Sunny’s workshop. In that class, Sunny talked about all the things about this event at Asia. About how committees prepared everything and wherever the summit has been held and will be held out. Anyway, this is the sixth event, and the next event is planned to be held in India.

And I attended a class by Zufar Dhiyaulhaq too, a student from Bandung and also an ONF Ambassador who discussed the Building Open Network Operating System (ONOS) Cluster in top of openSUSE.

The first day closed with a closing ceremony. After that, in the evening, a dinner was held between speakers; committees; and volunteers, where in this event all mixed into one, and I was at the table with a team from Japan. We should mix table with volunteers, overseas speakers, and the other because all the committees and volunteers had to practice their spoken English. So, we had done many talkings on this occasion.

Dinner Time

Second Day

At the second day, our openSUSE Indonesia President, Kukuh Syafaat, had opening speech. He talked on numbers about this year event. Then, Neil McGovern as GNOME’s Executive Director had his speech as a keynote after that.

Ready to Rock

And then, I attended Syah Dwi Prihatmoko’s class. He talked about Deploy Monitoring and Centralized Logging with Prometheus + Grafana and EFK Stack on Kubic k8s cluster. We have the same interest about Prometheus and Grafana. Next, we will join Indonesia Open Infrastructure Day as speakers on Surabaya next month with Zufar Dhiyaulhaq.

Syah Dwi Prihatmoko and Cedric

Before my class, I attended Cedric’s class and had an interesting discussion about hacking Uyuni.

My class was after Cedric’s class. At this class, I talked about how to build web front-end or UI for local docker registry using SUSE Portus on openSUSE Leap for deployment. I had put everything on this article that I have created before the event.

Yes, That is Me in the Class

We also had Lightning Talk session with gong’s sound as the reminder. The speakers were Ariez Vachha, Herpiko Dwi Adiguno, Ish Sookun, and Sobha Tyagi from India.

I also made new connections along this event, especially with new Chairperson Gerald Pfeifer; Stepanus Kawihardja SuSE Territory Manager for Indonesia (he is the first territory manager); Cédric Bosdonnat; Xabier Arbulu Insausti; Ish Sookun; Johannes Segitz; Dr. Axel Braun; Michael Chang, and of course I met my old friend Fuminobu Takeyama; Masayuki Igawa; Max Lin; Max Huang; Sunny; Jeffrey Cheung; etc.

Fun Crowd

This event was closed by calling all volunteers to stand in front of the podium.

Thanks for volunteers who were helping the committees, preparing the summit and others.

Also, thanks for the sponsors who helped to make the awesome summit; SuSE, openSUSE, Simplify8, Radiant Utama Interinsco TBK, MyCoop, PT Boer Technology, Excellent, Bogorwebhost, Linksys,, Coly Li.

For Udayana University, especially the Faculty of Information Technology thank you for your welcome and hospitality.

Special thanks to GITS Indonesia, the place where I am working right now, the place that trained me to get new knowledge, and supported me for this event.

If you want to see my presentation slide, you can access it here.

Didiet A. Pambudiono is a Cloud explorer, FOSS enthusiast and contributor, also DevOps engineer at GITS Indonesia.

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GITS Apps Insight

Journal about apps development for business and eCommerce from GITS Indonesia, a Google Certified Agency.

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