Picture by Bill Snyder

The world has stopped 
You can see, all over the floor, 
People stretching their fingers for a grasp of something beautiful
The hearts are drumming in unison as a war cry
A battle for the wonderful and the utopian 
They are garmented for their queen to cross the ocean of pleads
And they bow their heads for a blessing or a caress 
The world has fallen into utter silence
And then it broke into a choir of demands



Every time she climbs her high hills and slide down her commanding thighs
Every time she pounds her lips, the world does not think twice
And every time she waves her eyes, the tides turn to her side
The world is flowing to her and even the sea declared its demise
People are a lavander flux of braids in her hair
And they smell as only love should
They smell as fresh flowers and fertile fruits
They smell as freedom and healed wounds
Each of her hands balances the world as sacred justice
Venus and Mars seal a peace contract with a kiss
The universe apologizes for the times it knew only sound
And not the reverberations of her voice 
And when she sings
The world collides into the most beautiful thing.

*Inspired by this amazing artist

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