A Poem

Art by Opale Grimoire

Just you wait for me.
Tell your grinded teeth to find peace.
Ask the weather to spare your bones one day more
Before they become dry and crumbly as old chalk.

Wait, because I’m finally on my way.
For the first time, your road will also be mine.
For the first time, the stones won’t be deaf to my words.
They will absorb every sentence into the earth as fertile rain.

Beg the flowers around you not to wither.
To hold on to their colours to receive me at the entrance.
Just open a cavity in your hardened chest.
A spot for my heart to call home and beat indefinitely,
Bringing you closer to life,
Leading me closer to death.

Order the grass to show me the way to your lair. 
To guide my steps, stone after stone, to safe ground.
And there let me stay, let me shed my remainings…
Of all the places I’ve seen, of all the people I’ve been before you.
Before coming back home to you.

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