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The voices echo awkwardly from the kitchen

The children’s sleep must remain shepherdless

They must keep believing the cracks have been sealed

The four shadows toast over their failures and bits of cheese

There are soggy crackers in the jar waiting for a bite

There are overcooked biscuits drowning in a cold cup of tea

The cup has an annoying stain of red lipstick nothing erases

She tried with bleach all over her head

She tried with matching colors and everlasting plastic paint

She crossed her heart she’d never try again

The bureaus have terrible hinges


Drooling with the secrets on the top shelf

The stairs cannot reach them without spiling some coffee powder

It’s not worth the trouble

It’s not worth the mess

The black mass of compressed lies does not dissolve with hot water

No, it’s not worth clogging the sink

It’s not worth leaning over the counter.

The garbage has been sitting for ages by the door

No one of the four dares to say goodbye

One never knows which crackled bottle holds up the castle.

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