On Something Greater Than Ironman

A story about a journey more than training for a race. And, a request for your help to make a difference.

When you register for any race, you have a choice. Simply pay the fee and take your place at the stating line, or elect to take the route of what is commonly called a “charity entry.”

This means that you agree to a certain amount of fundraising in exchange for your entry into the race.

And for me, the venture into a fundraising effort was, quite simply, an accident. The day had finally come to register for Ironman Florida. I knew that registrations were getting close to full, but I didn’t realize exactly how full.

As you might expect where this story is headed, when I went to register the event had sold out of regular registrations. I quickly evaluated my options and, having never done any kind of fundraising entry for a race before, jumped in line for a ‘Charity Entry.’

I’m a firm believer that when we position ourselves to receive lessons that the right lessons find us. When we deploy awareness of where we are and are headed, we find ourselves in the right place or on the right path. And I think my journey of Ironman Foundation Fundraising has been one of those happy accidents for me.

Of course, it has been a challenge. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone to ask people for donations. It has made me challenge my assumptions that people would be angry at me for asking.

And it has been rewarding. People have come from all walks and parts of my life to contribute, in amounts both large and small. And I am humbled each and every time I get an email of a donation.

And I know that when I line up to start a 17-hour race day on November 4th, that my presence in Panama City Beach, Florida will have made a direct, positive difference on that community.

By then, I will have raised, with your help, at least $3,500 dollars for the Ironman Foundation, which goes directly to Panama City Beach, Florida community organizations and charities.

But, I am not there yet. As of this writing, I have $1,400 to raise and just over 24 hours to make it happen. For this, I need you.

Please consider visiting my fundraising page to make a contribution to my journey. It will make a difference not just for me, but for the charities and community groups of PCB.

Ironman Foundation makes a difference in Florida.

The numbers are there. Ironman Florida has generated over hundreds of thousands of dollars for PCB directly. And, in addition, athletes just like me have raised over $5 Million from fundraisers just like this one.

Ironman is not a solo journey. Even though I am only one athlete, there are countless people that make the journey possible. And in this case, your help will not only further my journey, but it will go beyond a simply congratulatory note on Facebook. It will literally reach out and touch the community in which we will leave our footprints.

The deadline for donations is Oct 21st at 11:59PM Eastern. Join me in making a difference by making a donation now.

In the U.S, Your donation is Tax Deductible, and can be made anonymously if you desire.

If you cannot give in a financial sense, you can still help support the cause by sharing this post to spread the word.

Thank you in advance. Your support means the world to me.

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