Community Focus

It’s been a bit since I updated my Clojure articles. Last time I was trying out some coding. This time I wanted to step back a bit and look at the community resources. One thing that sort of prompted this is the fact that Clojure West was up and about. This was a great chance to immerse myself a little in the happenings of the Clojure community.

Clojure West

A conference I really should have went to but actually paid attention to the dates when the thing had already started. Then again maybe it was for the better, as I still need to focus on my Clojure basics before heading too far into that area. First off a good number of Clojure West talks are already up on YouTube. A few I’ve taken a look at already:

I really liked that there was a decent attempt at diversity in the conference. Really hope that outside of the talks went well for those speakers. Will think about hitting up the next one if time and work load permits.

Hack The Planet

I considered doing a GitHub wiki of some sorts to collect blogs and other resources but wanted to see what there was first. In any sort of tech community there’s often a “Planet X” of some sort which is a collection of blog feeds related to whatever X is. This lead me to Planet Clojure which has quite the list of feeds. This branched off into two more discoveries.


I’ve done some LISP before and at one point was doing SLIME common lisp work for practice. That said one of the blog entries regarding Cider for emacs pulled my curiosity. The talk is CIDER: Building a Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks in Emacs by Bozhidar Batsov who happens to be a major contributor to the project. It was interesting to see what challenges were presented and how they were overcome. Slightly considering trying it out as an IDE for the trace and debugging features.

Web Development

One of my previous posts was talking about security and introduced this video here:

So needless to say I was pretty excited when the Arachne framework for Clojure was announced. It’s a kickstarter though so will have to see how funding goes. While there is a response to it I’m still hoping it will provide an alternative solution. One concern I expressed to the project owner is how linked to Cognitect most of the board members were. After looking again it appears that was addressed in a Q&A question. Will see how it goes.

Next Steps

Still trying to roll through Programming Clojure. Given as there are a lot of new concepts I’m attempting not to skip anything as much as possible. Will see how that works out. Looking at taking breaks in between to look at more of the Clojure West videos.

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