Welcome Joe Waltman to GiveCrypto.org

Today I’m pleased to announce that GiveCrypto.org is welcoming Joe Waltman as our first Executive Director. Joe is tasked with growing GiveCrypto.org from an early stage non-profit into the premier charity for the cryptocurrency community by raising money, building a team, and testing distribution methods to reach the first 10,000 individuals within 18 months.

From left to right, Dee Goens, Joe Waltman, and Brian Armstrong.

As I set out to source candidates for this role, I was looking for someone who both believed in GiveCrypto.org’s mission to financially empower people by distributing cryptocurrency globally and had an entrepreneurial background. I wanted to someone who would run the organization like the CEO of a startup in the for profit world.

In Joe, I’ve found that person. He comes to GiveCrypto.org with an impressive background in founding and leading companies. Joe spent the first 13 years of his career working at big companies like Qualcomm, Akamai and Sprint. He has since founded two companies; RestEngine (acquired by Twitter in 2012) and VetPronto (part of YCombinator and sold to Vetted in 2017).

Just as important as Joe’s impressive track record as an entrepreneur is his passion for this role and the opportunity to use crypto to create real change in the lives of people around the world who need it most. You can read about the approach Joe took to a project I asked him to complete as part of the interview process: give $1,000 in ETH to people in need in four days and come back to present on what you did, how you did it and what you learned. His passion for this task was contagious and the way he set about finding communities to engage with to give the crypto to demonstrated his ability to move quickly, think creatively and highlighted his humanity.

Joe will report to and work directly with me, to help grow GiveCrypto.org. I will remain on the board of GiveCrypto.org. Welcome Joe!


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A new charitable organization that accepts and distributes cryptocurrency to create impact.

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A new charitable organization that accepts and distributes cryptocurrency to create impact.