Brian Armstrong
Jun 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Now that the initial fund is being raised, we’re starting a search for an Executive Director for

This is the person who would run the organization (similar to a CEO or GM in the for profit world). This role would report to and work directly with me, to help grow I will remain on the board of

Role Overview


The Executive Director will grow from an early stage non-profit into the premier charity for the cryptocurrency community by raising money, building a team, and testing distribution methods to reach the first 10,000 individuals within 18 months.

Outcomes (first 18 months):

  • Raise a $250M cryptocurrency evergreen fund
  • Hire a team including engineering, finance, and operations roles
  • Distribute crypto payments to at least 10,000 individuals in need
  • Set clear objectives and key results for the organization, publishing them both internally and externally
  • Test different distribution strategies, including creating a dapp and working with partners
  • Market GiveCrypto as the public face of the organization via talks, blog posts, and press interviews


  • [Must have] For-profit experience hiring and managing a team
  • [Must have] Strong public speaking and presentation skills
  • [Must have] Experience building and shipping technology products
  • [Nice to have] Fundraising experience
  • [Nice to have] Comfort in a fast-paced startup environment
  • [Nice to have] Experience with nonprofits or poverty alleviation work
  • [Nice to have] Passion for cryptocurrency

If you know someone who should apply for this role, please share this post with them.

Click here to apply for the Executive Director role.

Note: this role is not an employee of Coinbase. is a separate organization. We’re using the above applicant tracking system just to keep moving quickly.

A new charitable organization that accepts and distributes cryptocurrency to create impact.

Brian Armstrong

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Co-Founder and CEO at @Coinbase. Creating an open financial system for the world. Join us:

A new charitable organization that accepts and distributes cryptocurrency to create impact.

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