“Samaritan” in 80 seconds ⏰

Since switching from GiveSafe to Samaritan, we’ve seen an uptick in samaritans out there equipping this as a new response to homelessness (4,395 in Seattle now).

I was in Capitol Hill sharing this with a group of creatives. A tall fella approached me after– “Hey, my name is Mike. I’m a filmmaker that just moved from Denver. I want to create a film about this that’s worth sharing.”

Here’s the film, explaining the vision and concept of Samaritan in just over a minute.

Watch / share film (1:20)
Sharing the video helps raise the odds for homeless beacon holders — we’re aiming at 100 shares! Would you help us get there?

The video stars our very own Jessica Huffman, whose hair only coincidentally matches our colors, and Michael M — a beloved beacon holder. Michael is one of the most articulate people I’ve met, and I recently caught up with him about what your support through a beacon has meant.

Hear conversation with Michael

Many of you have asked how to get someone a beacon. Drop a pin on this downtown map (samaritan.city/include), and we’ll head over there to see if they, or anyone else, would like one.

We’ve got fall internships open for a Beacon Storyteller (homeless outreach) and a Local Storyteller (growth) if you know anyone.

Lastly, if you’re in Seattle or Denver and need video, look Mike Sharon up at 6162 Productions. Thank you, Mike.