Seattle citygoers are making news 📰

I was talking to Nicole, one of the kindest people I’ve met, where she was in tears to receive a beacon during a distribution (video on this later).

She told me she was walking with her friend Charles — a current beacon holder. A well-dressed man walked up and asked, “Are you Charles?” He nodded fine, and the man replied, “I just gave you $20.” … “I heard about this on the news and downloaded it to help you.” … “Good luck man.” and walked off.

The cat is out of the bag here in Seattle.

Over 1000 of you have now equipped this new response to homelessness; this growing movement is instilling hope among beacon holders. My hat’s off to lawyer Chris Teeny to singlehandedly equipping 80 people in two days. As promised, I’m gonna to make him an XL order of my buffalo wings.

Nicole ended up asking me this: “Will this really let people see me for who I am, and not what I look like, or where I’ve come from? Where was this 7 years ago when I ended up out here.. ?”