Your startup’s first $thousand.

The first thousand won’t pay your rent, it won’t hire your dream rails dev (for more than 4–5 hours, anyway), it might not even get your get company filed correctly.

What a thousand can do is let you create a few actionable experiments that will break down assumptions and bring up the knowledge you have on if your concept will actually find a product-market fit. I recently picked up a thousand in cash (twenties), in a manila envelope from a shadow corporation to do just that for GiveSafe.

The $$$ is to be used to buy >100 beacons for Seattle and to back our first few marketing experiments. Got any ideas??

Here’s one I plan to try:

Sincerely, it’s not really a shadow corporation. It’s called the Awesome Foundation! You can apply for $1,000 yourself here: LINK (HT to Andrea Lai for telling us about this)

click the dogs to apply for $1k / learn about sweet projects

Our Mayor Ed Murray declared a civic state of emergency on homelessness Tuesday.

Why can’t you, me and all citygoers take part in the solution? Anyone know how to seek an audience with him? Let us try something different.

Gotta get a website up and running…