Community Project Spotlight #1

Aug 12 · 7 min read

We’re back with a silver platter of community curated projects to celebrate and highlight! Our Giveth contributors went through the list and chose their top picks. We’ve found six great projects that are live on Giveth now and looking for funding to meet their goals. Read on to discover some of our favourite projects from a diverse range of causes using our DApps.

Colorado Multiversity

Currently, Colorado Multiversity operates out of a biological station called “El Zota”, which is one of the Multiversity’s partners. El Zota carries out research and training for those who are passionate about conservation and biodiversity. There is also The Refuge Project, another one of the Multiversity’s organizations, that utilizes the facility as a safe space for disaster relief workers worldwide to meet, rest, teach and learn.

The Colorado Multiversity has been recognized by some notable organizations for potential funding, including the SDG Impact Fund, Gaia Gives and the Spanish Cooperation. They are seeking initial funding to kick-start their mission and meet the funding criteria outlined by these organizations. They have a wide range of projects being launched including decarbonization initiatives, international volunteering programs, agricultural development research and plastic recycling. Check out their introduction video below and visit their project on Giveth to learn more and donate!

Feed the Hungry in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Feeding the hungry is a simple and powerful gesture. David’s trusty team, consisting of him and his daughter, plans to create food packages to hand out to the population experiencing homelessness in Chilliwack. David is seeking funding to purchase ingredients for the food packages, cover gas costs and pay for lodging expenses. At the time of writing this article, David’s team is gearing up and getting ready to execute their plan in the coming weeks. Funds contributed to this project will allow them to scale their mission and feed more people. Find their project on, make a donation and stay tuned for updates in the near future!

Women of Crypto Art (WOCA)

WOCA has kept pace with their rapid growth, improving their organization in many ways. They’ve built a website to showcase their community talent, they launched a Colony DAO to manage their thriving tribe and have formed great relationships with entities such as Panvala and Cryptovoxels. WOCA is seeking funding to reach their next milestones, including building a permanent gallery, onboarding members to the DAO and promoting all of the incredible work done by women artists. Check out WOCA and make a donation to their project on Giveth.


Vukani’s immediate goal is to grow food to nourish the local school children. Research is needed to find an agricultural system that works in the unique conditions of Zimbabwe. Once an effective system is found by the initial pilot project, their aim is to scale up and one day serve the entire country. Progress has been made for finding a water source but more infrastructure needs to be acquired to effectively distribute it for irrigation. Funds to this project will help make purchases for water pumps and solar-powered irrigation systems. Head over to Vukani’s project on Giveth to read more and make a donation!


MyCrypto is open-source and has developed many free tools for Ethereum user security, such as a database for tracking known crypto scams, a web extension for preventing phishing attempts and an application for finding lost Ethereum addresses. Donations to their project will help secure funding to keep their platforms alive and maintained. Experience their DApp on and visit their project on Giveth to make a contribution.

Free the Food

They have already begun with three streetside syntropic plantations to grow food, with more sites on the way. Their grand vision is to create a network of streetside syntropics and to engineer a grants system allowing new communities to spring up, acquiring the knowledge to begin propagating these regenerative food sources. They are seeking funding now to develop their website and purchase irrigation tools, water tanks, seeds, tools, as well as to provide a monthly budget for 1 employee. Find their project on Giveth and learn more about Free the Food!

There you have it! Six spicy projects running the gambit from art, crypto, nature and all the goodness in between. Don’t see your project on the list? Don’t sweat! We’ll be regularly highlighting more ventures on our blog and social media channels, and you can catch our eye by tweeting about your project and tagging us @givethio.

If you have a for-good project looking for funding, get on to give the world easy access to donate cryptocurrency to your cause. If you want to spread the love as a donor, check out both our DApps, and Giveth TRACE for more ways to give!

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