Giveth Proudly Welcomes Datafund As A Beta User

Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce that Datafund, a group we admire a lot, is extending its efforts to make digital privacy a reality with the launch of the Fair Data Society (FDS), a Decentralized Altruistic Community (DAC) on the Giveth DApp!

Datafund believes every single piece of personal data is an extension of our digital selves, and we can only assure our privacy when we control who gets to access our data and who doesn’t. Today, the appropriation and monetization of people’s personal data, often without their consent, is rampant. The purpose of the Fair Data Society is to promote and facilitate the transition into a new paradigm, one in which privacy is the rule rather than an elusive goal. Eventually, FDS’s founders intend to build the DAC into a nonprofit cooperative.

Even before the DAC launched, Datafund had already begun work on the Fair Data Society Principles, which lays out a new vision for how organizations should treat personal data. A draft of these principles is available to the public, and the team is currently seeking and integrating the input of ethicists, programmers, and others with relevant knowledge. Establishing these principles will make it easier to think through what fair data looks like in practice. For that reason, the Principles are meant not only as a manifesto but as a practical guide for software developers that want to develop privacy-respecting apps and DApps.

The main Campaign currently attached to Datafund’s DAC aims to create a token curated registry (TCR) called Fair Data Companies. In order to signal their commitment to data privacy, companies would pledge to abide by certain fair data practices and then put their money where their mouth is, staking funds that get slashed if they violate these terms. The registry would list all the companies that made this commitment and stuck to it. We also believe it could be an important contribution to the very small body of research on TCRs that exists today.

Datafund has also been putting out a weekly newsletter called A Week in Privacy, which provides timely and informative coverage of important events relating to the data economy. Already in its 20th edition, the publication is a great resource both for privacy warriors and anyone who wants to stay current on data economy news. The Fair Data Society DAC includes a WIP Campaign, where you can see the progress of individual Milestones and even donate to support the newsletter!

We at Giveth feel lucky for the opportunity to support Datafund and the Fair Data Society in the important work they’re doing by helping them transparently receive and manage funding. As always, our goal is to enable Makers to focus on the work at hand while creating a high level of transparency and accountability towards Givers.

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