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Introducing the Commons Stack: Infrastructure for Scalable Community Collaboration

Addressing the World’s Biggest Challenges with Cyber-Physical Commons Management

Our goal is to facilitate human flourishing through decentralized collaboration.

What is a ‘Commons’, and Why Such a Bold Claim?

A quick summary of some of the benefits and drawbacks of markets, states, and commons.
Nobel prize winning economist Elinor Ostrom, telling it how it is.

The Blockchain as an Economic Trust Machine

The beginning of a new era of digital trust.

So Where Do We Start, When Building Digital Commons Infrastructure?

  1. A community funding pool is the first step to getting things done for any group. Think of this like the money collected and spent by your government or condo board — except now you get a vote on where it goes.
  2. Effective community decision making on how to allocate those funds via a proposal and governance system.
  3. Direct, verifiable allocation of funds and transparency in spending member contributions.
  4. Tracking and reporting on community operations to iterate on effective work done.

Introducing the Commons Stack

The planned initial components of the Commons Stack Infrastructure
  1. Continuous funding mechanism: Augmented Bonding Curve
  2. Biomimetic community decision making: Conviction Voting
  3. Transparent, accountable fund escrow & allocation: Giveth Dapp
  4. Commons operational analytics: The Commons Dashboard

Why Does the World Need the Commons Stack?

Graph theory is a key component of complex system design in the blockchain space.

How Can You Get Involved?

What’s Next?



Building a culture of giving that rewards & empowers those who give — to projects, to society, and to the world

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