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RegenFarms: The Next Generation of ReFi Opportunities

RegenFarms presents the next generation of ReFi liquidity mining opportunities for DAOs and regens alike. Ape in or apply today!

The GIVfarm offers lucrative APRs to $GIV liquidity providers on Mainnet and Gnosis Chain. The question we often receive is:

Using the GIVstream, Giveth has created an elegant evolution to traditional liquidity mining that enables high APRs while decreasing sell pressure, attracts and rewards long-term hodlers, and keeps participants invested in the project for years to come. And now, we’re opening the gate to the GIVfarm and offering the stream as a service to Blockchain4Good DAOs.

In the Blockchain4Good space, network effects are everything. We believe in nurturing DAO2DAO relationships so we can build a culture of mutual support, cooperation and value-creation. By sharing our GIVfarm UI/UX and contracts with mission-aligned partner DAOs, we can empower them with elegant ready-made farming solutions that support their economies, while growing the GIVeconomy, supporting verified projects, and expanding the Giveth Galaxy.

RegenFarms goes live today with our first DAO partner: Shapeshift

Shapeshift’s RegenFarm (APRs from our Testing Environment)

As of now, Shapeshift’s RegenFarm is open for deposits and rewards begin streaming on April 3, 2022 at 10:00am MT. The farm offers $FOX incentives for FOX/HNY LPs on Honeyswap. When you claim earned rewards from the FOX/HNY RegenFarm, you activate your FOXstream — a UBI-esque stream of $FOX that flows continuously until December 2026.

Calling all Blockchain4Good DAOs

Giveth and Shapeshift have set the wheels in motion. Our plan is to offer a multiverse of projects changing the world, with opportunities for Regens to learn more and earn rewards for staking liquidity.

We’re calling on Blockchain4Good DAOs that are ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity to kickstart a RegenFarm of their own! Prospective DAO partners will need to demonstrate that they are creating net-positive externalities and be approved by our community of GIV holders. Once we review and approve the application, our team will reach out with the list of required specs. When the partner DAO has designed their farm parameters and provided the tokens to reward LPs, we’ll be able to kickstart the new RegenFarm. Fill out this typeform to apply for your Blockchain4Good DAO!

So wait, what makes this “Regen”?

As mentioned, RegenFarms supports the growth of the GIVeconomy, and funds verified projects on Giveth. Interested Blockchain4Good DAOs provide the tokens that will be used as rewards for farmers. However, before initiating the farm, a small percentage of the funds provided is sent to the Giveth liquidity multisig to be used for $GIV / [DAO token] liquidity and an additional percentage is sent to the Giveth Matching Pool to be distributed to verified for-good projects on the Giveth donation platform. Read more about kickstarting a RegenFarm in our documentation.

From Degen to Regen: h/t Peth for the meme

Our mission at Giveth is to reward and empower those who give. RegenFarms is creating win-win opportunities for everyone who interacts with them. To summarize the benefits:

  • Blockchain4Good DAOs benefit from the ready-made UI, network effects of offering incentives among other Regen Economies, and the novel benefits of combining rewards with a streaming service.
  • Stakers benefit from high yields and wealth of farming opportunities, as well as the opportunity to explore for-good web3 projects.
  • Verified projects benefit from boosted Giveth Matching Pool contributions, courtesy of for-good DAOs.
  • The GIVeconomy benefits from additional liquidity and strengthened partnerships in the Blockchain4Good ecosystem.

We are excited to open the gates to the GIVfarm and grow our community of RegenFarmers. If you’ve got a Blockchain4Good DAO and want to join the multiverse, apply here. Or head over to RegenFarms to ape in on some spicy rewards and kickstart your FOXstream. Abundance awaits! 🌽

Updated on April 4, 2022 to include information on use of DAO funds.




Building a culture of giving that rewards & empowers those who give — to projects, to society, and to the world

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