Send Your Friends Unique CryptoXmas Cards: The Ultimate Guide

Dec 23, 2018 · 6 min read

CryptoXmas is a campaign on Giveth to fund a couple of charities in Venezuela by inviting anyone to send friends unique nifty CryptoXmas cards with a variety of cool designs.

Your friends get cool unique nifty CryptoXmas cards for as low as a few dollars worth of ETH and the proceeds go directly to Venezuelan charities through the Giveth Donation Application.

This is a simple HOWTO guide to send and receive CryptoXmas cards. Part 1 is a guide on how to send a card, part 2 is a guide for your friends who are not into crypto (yet!) and need to install MetaMask. The website is pretty straightforward. Go on and visit CryptoXmas if you’re already familiar with Web3 and crypto.

This whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. (Let us know if anything is still unclear, or help us fix it in our Telegram)

Part 1: How to Send a Card

2- Sign in with your MetaMask to continue.

3- Select your preferred card according to its design and amount of ETH you want to send. There’s a wide variety of choices, so feel free to browse and select a good one!

4- On the new page click on Add personal message & ETH for your friend button in case you want to write something for your friend or send them some ETH along with the card. Otherwise, just click on Buy and Send button. You can see the details of what you’re paying on the bottom of the page.

5- Confirm the payment via your MetaMask extension that automatically pops up.

6- Wait for your payment — transaction — to be processed. It shouldn’t take more than several minutes. Meanwhile, you can click on the ‘status’ link to check your transaction on Etherscan.

7- After your payment is confirmed, the next page automatically loads and you can see the link to your card there.

8- Share the link with your friend via Email, Social Media, etc.

And done!

You have not only sent your friend a cool unique nifty CryptoXmas card with some ETH, but also helped Venezuelans in Christmas Spirit!

Here’s an example of a message you can now share with your friends via any messaging app:

Part 2: How to Receive a CryptoXmas Card

This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

1- Install the MetaMask extension on your computer’s Chrome, Firefox, or Brave browser.

2- Once you’ve installed MetaMask, add the extension to your browser.

3- MetaMask page opens up automatically

4- Get your super secret password. Make sure you use a brand new password; Do not use any of your current passwords from anywhere else.

5- Now you have your own unique colorful picture that represents your account. (the following picture is edited due to security reasons.)

6- Read and accept the terms of use.

7- Get your Secret Backup Phrase which is helpful for restoring your account in case you lose your password.

8- After you save, write, and/or get a screenshot of your seed phrase, you will need to confirm it. Then you receive this message and you are ready to return to CryptoXmas site. No need to do anything here. Just click on the X.

9- Back at, reload the page and connect to your MetaMask after the request pops up.

10- You might need to go back to your CryptoXmasCard link your friend has sent you to get to this page. And get a click on the link to your CryptoXmas claim.

Now Click on Claim on the CryptoXmas card page

11- Wait for the magic to happen.

12- You have just finished a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain and some money has been donated to Venezuelan charities through the CryptoXmas campaign on Giveth (The future of giving).

Click on the green button to see your own literally-unique nifty CrytoXmas card!

13- And Voila! Enjoy!

Do you also care about Venezuelans and want to surprise some of your friends who are or should be into crypto? Take a minute and send them some Nifty tokens!

Check out our Campaign on Giveth.

Happy Chrismas Everybody!

The Giveth DAC — the community working on the DApp and many other projects — is funded through our Donation Application. We ourselves depend on you, on Givers: the people out there who believe a tool like this should be a reality, individuals who want to help us to make the World a Better Place. If you want tobe one of our favorite Unicorns, go to and claim your space on our leaderboard, donate directly in the DApp (right here) or come talk to Griff or Kris on Riot, and tell us how you’d like to contribute.


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