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The Future of Giving is Realigning Incentives

From centralized Donations to sustainable Collaborations

1–2–3 — Infinity.

Wait but How?

Jeff Emmett and others cleaning up beaches, providing proof of their work for ethbounties
Giveth Unicorn Josh Fairhead decided to add a quick curve drawing to this post for clarity
Slide from Griff Green’s talk at EthCC Paris, telling the Trash Hero Commons’ story
Griff Green’s talk at EthCC Paris on the evolutionary movement of human collaboration through blockchain (TrashHero Commons example starts at 10:55)

Generosity generates Income

Griff Green presenting the idea of the Commons economy using, yes, a puppet (not pictured)

We started Building this Future of Giving Yesterday

Abbey Titcomb with the Pactful Team, who won the Impact Track at ETHDenver



Building a culture of giving that rewards & empowers those who give — to projects, to society, and to the world

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Kris Decoodt

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