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Yalor Ethernal
Jul 18, 2018 · 6 min read

“Ethereum, as an evolved blockchain technology, has given the world community the tools of liberty. What that means is, by using Ethereum humans may now interact in a completely voluntary way, without fear of censorship. This is an extremely powerful premise that would take more than the few paragraphs allotted here to unpack, but if you understand it, you in turn understand why thousands of people around the world are passionately creating new things with Ethereum.” ~Matthew Carano ( Swarm City)

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In the spirit of community, liberty and voluntary participation we’ve got a proposition for you 🗣

Give your summer job the #Buidl finger 🖕🏼and join our distributed virtual hackathon!

Sponsored by Aragon, Swarm City, Status, Giveth and ChainShot. We’re hosting a 2 month distributed hackathon starting on August 7th. We are opening up our communities to submissions from teams or individuals as entries in our `blockternship` hackathon for whatever you would like to #buidl. Our aim is to fund the ongoing development of Ethereum-based ecosystem projects.


#1 Head to and take a peek at the `take-off` repo for all the details, then when you’re ready to start your own project head to the `projects` repo and submit and issue before August 7.

#2 Choose a sponsoring organization to build with. The wealth of information held by the following 3 organizations is immeasurable and our desire is for you or your team to connect with one of these sponsoring teams.

#3 Start asking questions, think of something cool 😎 you want to build, then jump into our Social Coding Riot channel and see who you can connect with!

We asked each sponsor to provide a brief intro to their project and some relevant information. We hope that you will find some inspiration and the desire to reach out to a team to start working with !


Aragon is a project that aims to build decentralized organizations and enable their governance. We’ve launched our initial Aragon Core client, loaded with a few starting apps to ignite your imagination of how organizations of the future may use decentralized tools to both manage themselves and invite participation.

Now it’s up to you to create more apps to define how these organizations work and are structured! Want to replace all those stock option spreadsheets with a trustless token design? Think organizations will benefit from having more structured, set-in-stone decision making protocols with a voting smart contract? Can’t wait to finally automate some permissions so you don’t have to wade through endless corporate politics to figure out how to get something done? Take a look at our current apps, build the missing pieces, and integrate everything together!

How we can help you:

Our developer portal will help your project get started with tutorials, architecture walkthroughs, and documentation.

Swarm City:

We at Swarm City are passionately creating a new thing with Ethereum, because we realized everyone on the planet can benefit from using it to interact voluntarily. But there is a problem! Blockchain technology in general is complicated to use, and Ethereum is no exception. If you think about it, even just sending and receiving funds is at best confusing to do, and at worst risky for the uninitiated. This is the problem Swarm City solves.

We are building an interface for Ethereum that is so friendly our moms can use it. Users of Swarm City can communicate, exchange value with each other, and earn reputation as good actors, without getting ensnared by the minutia of blockchain technology. In fact they will barely even know a blockchain is involved, which encourages adoption.

Also, Swarm City lives the promise of Ethereum not only in the technology we are building, but in the way we organize and operate as a community. We believe the only moral type of interaction is a voluntary one, so that is the way we interact with each other. In Swarm City there is no hierarchy; no boss giving orders. We are a like-minded group of individuals bonded by our love for the project and for each other, and we respect each other’s individuality and sovereignty.

How we can help you:

We will host any individual or team who would like to come visit us in Antwerp and work alongside us. Also, we will be organizing two calls which will be open for all to attend. The first will be in late August, and the second mid September. Participants will learn more about our project, our philosophy, and the way we organize our community.

In the meantime, an overview of Swarm City can be found here. An overview of our philosophy can be found here.


At Giveth we believe in the power of communities to change the world, it’s why we created the Giveth DApp that enables truly transparent donation tracking using the Ethereum blockchain. We are all about experiments in decentralized governance and we strongly support “open-source” as a way of life. All of our software is considered a gift to the Ethereum community, that is the source of inspiration for this hackathon.

The Giveth Social Coding Circle is a playground for experimentation and open source projects, It’s main goal is to support blockchain projects that improve the Ethereum ecosystem and provide educational resources to developers.

How we can help you:

We will be offering a weekly stand-up meeting for members of any team in the Hackathon, where you will be able to share updates, ask questions and brainstorm solutions. The meeting times will vary based on location.

Lastly will be assigning RewardDAO points to all contributors who choose to develop their idea with Giveth. These points will turn into ETH at the end of each month, so you can think of it as a paid internship :money bag: where you learn and earn.

For more information jump into our Riot channel and introduce yourself and your project!

*Updated (07/29/2018)


How we can help you: More to come !

See Status Embark or chat with them on Gitter!


Excited to build your own decentralized application, but don’t know where to begin? Head over to and check out the Escrow Building Block. Escrows are fundamental financial agreements used as the basis for many projects and businesses. This lesson is intended to take you through the process of creating a decentralized escrow step-by-step, and at the end you can download the application you’ve built! We would love to see projects that have been built from this starting point, upload one and we’ll feature it!

We also created a lesson for building an example Blockchain implementation in JavaScript. It will teach you the fundamentals to understand what a hash function is, what a block is, how blocks link together to form a chain and how that chain is validated. This is a great starting place for someone who knows some JavaScript and is new to Blockchain in general.

How we can help you:

Whether you’re using ChainShot modules or just building a decentralized application from scratch, feel free to jump into our public slack where we’ll help you work through any problems you might have!

The above sponsors have not only been kind enough to put up ether to support these projects, they have committed valuable time to help YOU get the resources you need to get started in the world of decentralized applications.

Whether you are new to blockchain development or a seasoned vet we want to provide support and learning during the process, so we have designated contact points inside each project for you to reach out to with your questions. Head to to start getting in contact.


  • Be open source.
  • Be built on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Must be a bootstrapped project (no external funding).
  • Must deploy a working MVP to the GitHub Organization by October 9th.


The winners will be selected by a panel of judges, the Giveth team will review all the applicants to determine the final eligible entries, then the winners will be selected by a panel of judges made up of members from the sponsoring team. Winnings will be distributed as such:

  • A collective bag of 20 ETH distributed in descending order 1st=50% , 2nd=30% , 3rd=20%
  • A full page write-up about the winning project posted in the community blog.
  • An invitation to the next Giveth Summit in an exotic, yet undetermined location.

We’re excited to see what you come up with, and please feel free to share this with your friends, coworkers and team mates!

Happy #Buidling 🏗

Join our community: by tackling interesting issues like this one you can help us positively impact charitable giving forever!

Help us Build the Future of Giving: 🚀 Donate directly 🚀 or buy a Ledger with our affiliate link


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