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The Unicorn DAC, a non-hierarchical decentralized governance experiment

Why are bosses necessary? They aren’t. Self-managed organizations exist all over the world, but there is no template for how a decentralized self-managed organization should work. Let us try to change that.

A different type of governance.

Stepping up the game

Put your money where your purpose is

Actual Milestone funded for Deam to go to Web3 Summit

Ins and outs of the Unicorn DAC

The ins…
…and outs.
  1. We’ve been a community gathered around shared principles and purpose for a while now, but never had an official onboarding process because there’s no clear entity to be onboarded to. Now, we have the opportunity to come together around these agreements and create a membrane that gathers and recognizes the most committed of us as we join the Unicorn DAC. You can read about our Onboarding Process here, which ensures commitment to Giveth’s purpose and alignment with our principles in order to opt to be part of the DAC.
  2. The resource allowance per head will be the equivalent in ether to 600 USD every week. In order for people not to fund only their own Milestones, we have capped the amount people can put into their own Milestones at 150 USD, so 450 will be used to decide on other people’s initiatives. Unicorns don’t have to use the full 600 USD every week if they feel that there are no interesting projects to fund, or the ones that are truly interesting are already fully funded.
  3. Needless to say, people can choose NOT to fund any of their own Milestones. The reason why we allow people to self-fund their Milestones for a certain amount is to facilitate the funding of menial or uninteresting jobs that have to be done, but they would waste people’s time and resources if they had to be reviewed and funded by other unicorns.
  4. We cannot expect people to feel connected to a purpose by only chipping money into Milestones. Hence, in order to keep purpose alive, we have a once a month Unicorn Meeting! Here, we discuss which projects we delegated to and why it is aligned to Giveth.
  5. As a rule of thumb, Milestones will be created by those who hold roles related to the matter at hand. That’s not to say that people can’t have great ideas outside of their roles, but they should follow the advice process and certainly consult with those who hold relevant roles before taking action, even if it is merely for keeping information flows going. Roles are evaluated on how well they have been fulfilled in a peer review system every month.

MVPing our way through it

  1. Dogfooding is our motto because we believe the Giveth DApp is a great tool. Nevertheless, it does not yet have the advanced functionalities of a compounded delegation system that would allow you to allocate only up to a percentage of funds into your own Milestones and the rest to others. We will track donations manually at this point while we look for a solution, be it homemade or leveraging Aragon.
  2. Foreign influence. Our DAC will always be public, transparent and held to the highest standards, but the fact that it’s an open way to fund the projects that Giveth undertakes, it could be exposed to an admittedly unlikely vector of attack where a powerful party decides to fund specific Milestones or projects that are on the periphery of the purpose and this acts in detriment of the best direction to take. This would be a similar attack to sovereignty to the IMF dictating policies to countries in exchange for bailouts or access to concessional loans.
  3. That said, we have funds to support this initiative for a limited period of time, and since Giveth is a non-profit blockchain entity that accepts donations, if you are a donor and want to support Blockchain4Good projects PLUS a decentralized non-hierarchical governance experiment like the Unicorn DAC, we are all ears (and eyes!): hit us up on Riot or Twitter or fund us directly!

Already winning


But… why?

Enter the Unicorn DAC.



Building a culture of giving that rewards & empowers those who give — to projects, to society, and to the world

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