A band all about doing good!

The Aldous Collins Band is a 7 piece band from the South Shore of Massachusetts. About 3 years ago this band came together and over the last 6 months ACB has started to really click. ACB is a high energy and positive vibe band. We try to bring people together to celebrate life and each other. We have developed quite a great family through our music and it’s been very rewarding. We do a lot of fundraiser shows and we just did one for the Friendship Home in Norwell Mass. It was a great success emotionally and financially for Friendship Home. It feels great to contribute to a great cause and it feels great to make people happy. We want to do a lot more stuff like this in the future. Hopefully, one day we can share our positive outlook with you.

Click here to learn more about Friendship Home.

You can find the Aldous Collins Band on Facebook.

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