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In 2017, LAUP was awarded a $20,000 grant to engage Latino community leaders, leaders of partner organizations, and most importantly, area Latino residents to determine the most urgent needs to address to ensure that Latinos thrive in our community and to utilize the information gathered to shape LAUP’s future work.

The Latino population in the Holland/Zeeland area is growing and the insights gained through this process will have a lasting impact on our collective understanding of the most pressing needs and promising opportunities for our local Latino community. LAUP collected more than 280 survey responses and held four focus groups.

“LAUP is very excited to have this new data from the Community Engagement Project. Our hope is to call key community members and agencies to the table as we look to provide more solutions to the top three issues facing the Latino community. We now have our marching orders.” — Ed Amaya, Chair

What the Survey Asked

280+ people who took the survey answered a variety of questions related to how they view success. These are some of the most common responses.

Please rank these factors of success in order of importance to you (Por favor clasifique estos factores en orden de importancia para usted):

  1. Having a fulfilling job (Tener un trabajo que disfrute)
  2. Speaking English fluently (Hablar inglés con fluidez)
  3. Financial Security (Ser financialmente estable)
  4. Having strong family connections (Tener fuertes conexiones familiares.)
  5. Home Ownership (Ser propietario de una casa)
  6. Having enough time and money to enjoy time outside of work (Tener tiempo para disfrutar de las cosas fuera del trabajo)
  7. Having money to send my children to college (Tener dinero para que mis niños puedan asistir a la universidad)
  8. Access to health care/health insurance (Tener acceso a servicios de atencion medica accesibles)
  9. Seeing Latinos in positions of leadership in government, business, community (Que los Latinos ocupan puestos de autoridad en el gobierno local, estatal, nacional)
  10. Having enough money to start a business (Tener suficiente dinero para empezar un negocio)Latino Community Engagement Study

Originally featured in the Community Foundation’s 2019 Spring Newsletter. While this was written by CFHZ’s Communications Associate Lina Pierson in 2019, we believe that stories of generosity are timeless and always relevant.

To learn more and to see the full Latino Community Engagement Study, visit

Giving Impact

stories of impact from the Community's Endowment of the Holland/Zeeland area.

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Giving Impact

stories of impact from the Community's Endowment of the Holland/Zeeland area.

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