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Alongside our direct support of projects and programs through our competitive grant program, we also invest a portion of our Community’s Endowment in funding efforts that strengthen our local nonprofit sector. We rely on our nonprofit partners to transform our competitive grant dollars into positive impact for the Holland/Zeeland community.

The dollars we invest in this complementary effort help provide the data, professional development and collaborative infrastructure that support our nonprofit partners in their work. In 2018, the Community’s Endowment provided $101,000 in funding for these purposes which included:

Greater Ottawa County United Way 2018 Community Assessment
Why this matters: Local data is a powerful tool for all of us to better understand the changing needs in our community and make strategic decisions about how we maximize the impact of our resources to create the most benefit for the community.

Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance and Community SPOKE Operating and Program Support
Why this matters: These two organizations provide a wide array of services to build the capacity of our local nonprofit partners and help facilitate successful coordination and collaboration for cross-sector efforts to tackle our biggest human service challenges.

Board Leadership Trainings
Why this matters: Board members play an incredibly important role in leading nonprofit organizations and are giving of their time and talent as volunteers. These trainings offer current and potential board members the opportunity to learn about key areas of responsibility and best practices for nonprofit boards as well as strategies for addressing common challenges.

Staff Leadership Transitions
Why this matters: Staff leadership transitions are critically important and often challenging for nonprofit boards to navigate. Decisions made at these junctures have substantial long-term effects on organizations. This program, provided in partnership with Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance, offers support and resources to boards as they look to find a new leader who is uniquely well suited to their organization and goals.

Our nonprofit partners are taking on many of the most complex challenges our community faces. We are grateful that the flexible nature of our Community’s Endowment allows CFHZ to invest in efforts like these that help our nonprofit partners equip themselves with the resources, information, and people to do their best work.

Originally featured in the Community Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report. While this was written by CFHZ’s Communications Associate Lina Pierson in 2019, we believe that stories of generosity are timeless and always relevant.

To learn more about our Community’s Endowment, visit

Giving Impact

stories of impact from the Community's Endowment of the Holland/Zeeland area.

Community Foundation H/Z

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Ensuring that Holland/Zeeland MI thrives today, tomorrow and forever by building our Community’s Endowment and helping donors achieve their charitable goals.

Giving Impact

stories of impact from the Community's Endowment of the Holland/Zeeland area.

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