Gladius Development Update #3 (02/01)

Good afternoon! Welcome to our third bi-weekly development update! Every other Thursday at 4PM EST we will be posting an overview of the progress we’ve made over the last two weeks.

The last two weeks we’ve been focused on:

  • Further interface development
  • Node Manager
  • Marketplace
  • Testing
  • Open sourcing

Interface Development

The frontend team has finished implementing the onboarding flow and is moving on to implementing the dashboard, analytics, and settings page. In addition we are in the planning phases to begin work on the Node client interface.

Similar interface to the Web Portal
Onboarding flow
Preview of the dashboard

Node Manager & Marketplace

We’ve begun work on the node manager as mentioned above. This sprint we reviewed our existing smart contracts and began the process of expanding their functionality to include logic for managing the marketplace and nodes. This code is still in development and will be part of our `gladius-marketplace-backend` repository very soon. Our goal for the upcoming sprint is to combine the new interface with our updated contracts.


During this sprint, we reworked and rewrote our existing tests in a more legible and manageable way. We also integrated our tests into Travis CI for continuous testing and will begin to cover more of our codebase in the future. After more tests are written to provide satisfactory test coverage, we will be moving into a Test Driven Development cycle for future sprints. Over the next few weeks, we will also be integrating more automated tests from Travis CI throughout our repos to verify compatibility of pull requests and improve code quality.

Open Source

This week, we open sourced our Marketplace Smart Contract code and we will be open sourcing more projects soon. You can find and contribute to the project here. We licensed all of our open source projects with the GNU Public License for collaboration and contribution.

We’ve also created a skeleton wiki, located here. During development, we will be updating the wiki to include tutorials, code guidelines, installation instructions, and other general documentation. In addition, we’ve added the first contribution guidelines to the README located in the `gladius-marketplace-backend` repository.

Welcome Nate to the team!

This week we welcomed our new Senior Software Engineer, Nate Feldsien, to the Gladius team. Nate has a varied background in development ranging from full stack to mobile development. Nate will be coordinating the automated testing and creation of Gladius’ backend services. We are thrilled to have him!

Thank you for reading this weeks update. Stay tuned for more!