Gladius Pre-sale Numbers — $5.3 Million Raised!

Greetings Gladius community! Now that the public presale is afoot, we’re excited to release information and statistics about our private pre-sale.

12,622 ETH / $5,301,240 USD Raised

We raised a very significant amount of funds in our pre-sale phase! With our new hard-cap of $12.5 million this means we have raised 42.4% of the total funds so far. We have both the public presale and public sale to raise the rest of the funds. This means that we will have a very high chance of fully selling out!

248 Pre-sale Accounts

For the pre-sale we have has a very strong number of people come on board. We have had countless conversations with our community members and believers in our company. The support from everyone has been astronomical thus far!

As many of know, the entire ICO market hit a snag when Segwit2x started to pick up steam. Like many other token sales, we decided it made the most sense to extend the private pre-sale a bit. Looking back on it, this decision helped us out significantly. We are very aware that this market changes drastically every day, so being able and willing to quickly adapt is key!

Things are looking very bright for the future of Gladius. Development is going very smoothly, funding has been quite strong, and our community has never been stronger! Now the public can get in on purchasing Gladius Tokens. To do so check out our easy, step-by-step guide on Medium here! To the moon!!!

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