Gladius Presale Has Been Extended, New Public Presale Coming Soon, and more!

Import update on the Gladius Token Sale

Hello everyone in the Gladius community! We have a few important updates to share about our token sale.

Private Presale:

After some internal discussions with our team, we have decided to prolong the current funding period, the private presale, by 23 days until November 23rd for a number of reasons (see below).

Public Presale:

After the private sale we have decided to launch a public presale from November 24th to December 30th. This gives you, our community, the chance to get in early with a friendlier bonus structure. We will be releasing the specifics very soon. However, it’s very likely that we’ll reach the cap much sooner.

Public Sale:

We have decided that in terms of the public sale, it is in everybody’s best interest to have it pushed back to January 14th. This gives us plenty of time to build our system into a more full fledged product and grow our community to even larger numbers.

Token Allocation:

In terms of token allocations, if you purchase any tokens in the presale the vesting periods will still apply.

Reasons Behind this Change:

There are a few reasons why we decided to do this:

  1. Bitcoin Hardfork
  2. Investors asking for more time
  3. Current private presale was extremely short, and needs more time for maximum effect
  4. Ensuring community can enjoy better bonuses
  5. Alpha version of the Gladius Network has been released and is being improved day-by-day

We really believe this is the best course of action for not just ourselves as a company, but for our entire community. We are extremely excited for how much interest this project is generating and want to ensure it’s long-term health and success.

Thanks, and be sure to sign up for our public pre-sale now!