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Seven Fresh Songs #74

Josin, Chloe Foy, Charm of Finches, Elis Noa, Vintage Fiction, La Poré and Love Crumbs

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Charm of Finches — Treading Water

Two days ago, Emily McNally asked “Can we be friends.” Today, Australian sister duo Charm of Finches is one step further in their new song about the friendship that could replace a relationship. With gentle guitars and beautiful harmonies, “Treading Water” is a trip down memory lane. While Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes certainly have something specific in mind, the song can awaken forgotten moments in anyone.

The band says about the song:

“This song captures the bittersweet reminiscing of a relationship that was mutually ended. Some of my favourite songs carry the essence of a place. I like how this song conveys the character of Melbourne’s inner west. The journey is across a city, but also across the somewhat trickier terrain of navigating the transition from lovers to friends.”

Do yourself a favor and watch the gorgeous video, directed by the sisters themselves on full-screen:

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Vintage Fiction — Alright, Okay

Los Angeles-based psych rockers Vintage Fiction released “Alright, Okay,” the first single from their upcoming EP Caution in Vogue. “Alright, Okay” is a beautifully laid-back, dreamy number and simply perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. When asked about the track and singer/guitarist Josh Campos explains how the concept of time inspired the band:

Our past is always there to haunt and mold us, but we try to overcome it. As a society of individuals, we tend to hold onto our past, outdated traditions, emotions, and behaviors to leave them unaddressed can be harmful in both the community and our personal lives.

Listen to the irresistibly nostalgic “Alright, Okay,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Elis Noa — Make Me Think of You

“Make Me Think of You” deals with a problematic relationship, which pushes both partners farther away from each other. The song is full of a yearning melancholy that is reflected in the video: we see the members of Elis Noa, Elisa and Aaron, acting warmly with each other, but the washed-out visuals suggest that this time has already passed. The Austrian duo is working on a new album to be released next year.

Watch “Make Me think of You” here:

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Love Crumbs — Ellipses

Folk-rock and Americana quintet Love Crumbs delights with the instantly appealing “Ellipses,” a song about human connections and relationships. Based in Massachusetts, the band creates timeless, skillfully crafted songs with a touch of a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and the likes.

The song’s title “Ellipses” is intriguingly mysterious and we wanted to know more. We asked Michael Dubuque (songwriter, rhythm guitar, vocals) about it, who says:

“Ellipses” is about trying to connect with someone and not being able to despite the best of intentions. It’s about the things that aren’t said or are left unsaid. I had a relationship that ended kind of suddenly, and I kind of didn’t know why. It was a meaningful relationship to me. The person was typing to me (as evidenced by the “…”) but I never got to hear their response.

Now this explains the ellipses and the melancholic undertones in the truly gorgeous song. Might be the nod to the otherwise meaningful relationship that now longer is. Kudos to artists who can make the best out of such experiences! Aside from Michael Dubuque, the band is comprised of Alison McTavish (lead vocals), Scott Wolfram (bass), and not in the photo Gordon Clark (songwriter, lead guitar, vocals) and Ryan Behan (drums).

Listen to “Ellipses,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Chloe Foy — Work of Art

Performing live on stage is the lifeblood of music. Despite everything that musicians have been doing to keep the connection with their fans alive, being together in a room and celebrating art is unreplaceable. A “Work of Art” calls it the U.K. singer/songwriter Chloe Foy — not only what is happening on stage, but also in the entire room. Good that venues start to open again in some places, and let’s hope that we never have to turn the lights off for live music as long as in the past 15 months or so.

Chloe says about the song:

“I had a bit of an epiphany while on tour with Jesca Hoop when I realised you’ve either got to let go and enjoy it or go through life never enjoying the moment. This was all because of this beautifully warm reception of the crowd each night and their willingness to take me as I was.”

Chloe Foy will release her debut album “Where Shall We Begin?” on June 11. Listen to “Work of Art,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:

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La Poré — Right Track

From an early age on, the importance of the weekend is known and eternally engrained. As a school kid and teenager, this was the time when finishing homework and learning was put on the back burner, and life could get enjoyed to the fullest! Add a five-day workweek, or at times more, to the mix, and the feeling still hasn’t changed. No doubt, the weekend is precious.

This is something Nick Samson, aka La Poré, not only knows as well but it prompted him to write a song about. La Poré’s new single “Right Track,” captures the essence of the Sunday mood perfectly. A low-tempo, beautifully mellow, and slightly melancholic melody, with a delightful dose of sensuality.

Among my top favorite discoveries of 2020, Los Angeles transplant La Poré could sing me the phone book if it was ever a thing. His ultra-smooth yet effortlessly equally powerful vocals get me every time. With “Right Track,” La Poré demonstrates that his previous singles like “Over It,” “Blame,” or “Missing It” are in great company. “Right Track” is co-produced by electronic writer and producer Henry Blaeser and longtime La Poré collaborator Kyle Kanzigg, from pop duo Captain Kidd.

We asked Nick to provide us with some insights to “Right Track,” and he says:

I wanted to capture the highs and lows of Sunday. The song is about making excuses in order to avoid your problems and responsibilities. Telling yourself, “it’s still technically the weekend, so I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Each week is an endless cycle of work and the means to escape.

This sounds almost sad, “means to escape.” Luckily, things are not so dire when songs like “Right Track” are to be enjoyed. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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Josin — Traveller

In many ways, water is life, and through water, we are connected to each other and the eternal cycle of life. German musician Josin finds comfort and power in this thought. Her new song “Traveller” reflects this in a bright, meditative composition. The ambient, orchestral music, and Josin’s vocal incantations inspire you to follow her and make your own sense of the world around you.

Josin says about the song:

“so damn emotional about „traveller“. i wrote it last summer on my travels after a long period of silence, where i thought i didn’t have anything to say or feel left. this is about being lost, returning and belonging. and that’s exactly how the last year has been for me. kind of free and traveling, whilst feeling the urge to belong somewhere. but it was actually through the process of writing this song that i started to reconnect with myself, realizing that all my feelings have been just buried somewhere, but have never been lost. the picture of water being connected in so many shapes, from oceans to rivers to rain, and us being made of it too, are kind of the essence that drove my inspiration for the song — and my way out of this period of my life. with everything being connected through water and just reappearing in time and space, there is nothing that can ever be apart from the other.”

The beautiful video feels closely connected to the music, and even its creation added to the experience. Josin recalls:

stef and i shot and made the video in a very calm and trusting process. we stepped into the ice cold river with our bare feet and then just followed our intuition. the whole process of creating this video felt quite spiritual and very connected with the elements, as we were so closely surrounded by them — the water, wind and the cold.”

We are long-time fans of Josin and are happy to premiere her new song and video as our Song Pick of the Day. Watch “Traveller” here:

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