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The Joshua Hotel, Mïrändä, Neggy Gemmy, Yumi And The Weather, Circe, Alyssa Gengos and La Poré

Seven Fresh Songs #102

Neggy Gemmy — California

In her new song, singer, songwriter, and producer Lindsay French, now known as Neggy Gemmy wants to go to California. In reality, the artist formerly known as Negative Gemini has already done this a few years ago. We miss her dearly here in NYC, but we take this song as a hint that she likes life on the West Coast. For sure, the move did not take the edge out of her music: “California” sits somewhere between electronic dance music and pop and has the signature glow that makes her songs so unique.

A follow-up to her 2016 album “Body Works” is on its way. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “California,” on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

La Poré — Headphones

Like with his previous single “Right Track,” La Poré takes a widely known experience and spins it in his unique and utterly appealing way. It is impossible to not instantly feel the sonic beauty of “Headphones.”

With its shimmering synths and La Poré’s gorgeous vocals, “Headphones” is as intimate as it is beautiful and relatable.

Nick Samson, aka La Poré wrote and produced “Headphones” alongside long-time collaborator Kyle Kanzigg. The first single from the upcoming EP, out in Spring 2022. The track is accompanied by a psychedelic music video co-produced and shot by Matthew Faulkner and Devaughn Taylor of BetaWave Studios.

I asked Nick what he had in mind with “Headphones,” and he says:

“With the song and music video, I wanted to capture the experience of writing. I never know what’s going to happen or how I’ll feel. You go through self reflection as a person and artist. It’s a crazy journey, and usually you fail. But sometimes without warning it’ll click, and you find yourself so in tune with the music, that everything else filters out. Joy returns. Regardless of the context in which you are listening to music, it’s an escape, and it can be healing.”

Listen to “Headphones,” our Song Pick of the Day and check out the dreamy video too:

Connect with La Poré on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Yumi And The Weather — Howl

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ruby Taylor makes music in Brighton, England under the name Yumi And The Weather. Her latest song, “Howl,” is an energetic, loud indie rock track that goes all in from the first second on.

Ruby gives us some details about the song:

“ ‘Howl’ is about our natural body hair. Writing this song was an opportunity to reflect on how something so natural can create so many insecurities, while also giving us the power to control it to suit our needs and desires. Growing up, I was occasionally teased and made to feel insecure about my body hair — by both men and women. It created this urge to get rid of every hair in sight in order to feel confident, but it now feels like we live in a time where it’s accepted however we choose to have it. It’s nice, and means it’s not such a big deal to me anymore if I don’t get rid of my moustache as soon as it appears. Ultimately, ‘Howl’ is a celebration of our hair and our care routines.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Howl,” below:

Alyssa Gengos — Cheerleader of the Universe

Sometimes, all you want from a song is calm and comfort. Singer, songwriter, and producer Alyssa Gengos offers precisely that with her latest single, “Cheerleader of the Universe.” When things became extremely dire in New York, back in Spring 2020, she moved back to Los Angeles, where she grew up. I can’t blame her because it would have been tough, if not impossible, to come up with such intimate, quiet, and utterly appealing songs. More of this can be found on Alyssa Gengos’ upcoming album Mechanical Sweetness, out via Egghunt Records, February 25, 2022.

When asked about her latest track, Alyssa Gengos says:

“Cheerleader of the Universe” is sort of surreal; it’s a bunch of associated phrases that form a comforting lullaby. I think of the Cheerleader as the fairy godmother inside my own head. My grandma was a cheerleader, and so was my mother, and I became one in high school as well. I never really wanted to do that as a kid — I just kinda fell into it because my friends and I decided we’d all do it together. Still, I felt like I was doing some service continuing this cheerleader mythology that my grandma had started. Now, facing the next chapter of my life, I call upon the Cheerleader of the Universe for guidance. The music video is dreamlike, matching the sentiment of the lyrics. In it, I frolic across a Southern California beach in a dress I sewed myself.

What a lovely explanation for a cool and inspiring mantra, calling upon the cheerleaders of the universe. I will remember that and am looking forward to listening to Alyssa Gengos’ album in its entirety. For now, watch “Cheerleader of the Universe,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Alyssa Gengos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Circe — Mess With Your Head

“Mess With Your Head” — that’s what the namesake sorceress did to Odysseus in Greek mythology. For the London-based pop musician Circe this is a two-way street: love is messy and good intentions don’t always lead to a good outcome. Circe explains about her new bright, swirling synth-pop track:

“It’s about the extremes that love pushes us to. The exquisite pain of knowing someone else controls how your heart will fair that day. We are all so often the worst to the people we love the best. There’s a lyric inspired by Shakespeare -’ You gave me your heart, and I gave you a pound of flesh’ For me the line expresses not only the possessive feelings love can cultivate, but the idea of handing over ‘flesh’ gives physical weight to the emotion of love. The visceral stages from the lightness of a body you know so well, to the heaviness of a battered heart.”

Listen to “Mess With Your Head,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

The Joshua Hotel — Somebody New

When you come across a song titled “Somebody New” what would your initial thoughts be? Someone has found someone new or wishes for someone else, no? Not so The Joshua Hotel aka songwriter, singer, and producer Joshua Mackenzie. In his new single “Somebody New” he wishes that he could turn back time and could come around again as somebody new. This kind of sentiment lends the song an inherent melancholy yet sonically, the track is less sad than it is comforting. The Joshua Hotel wrote and recorded the song in his home studio deep in the Highlands of Scotland, loosely inspired by the score of the 2010 film “Drive.”

When asked about “Somebody New,” Joshua says:

”Somebody New” deals with the end of a complicated relationship. It gives a brutally honest account of looking back at the mistakes and mishandling of emotions that led to heartbreak and fantasising about everything you would change if somehow you could relive it all with the newfound clarity and growth of hindsight.

We love the mellow and mesmerizing vibe of “Somebody New” and have it on repeat! While Somebody New” didn’t make it onto The Joshua Hotel’s splendid EP Closet Romantic, we’re enjoying its seven tracks too. Listen to “Somebody New,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with The Joshua Hotel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mïrändä — Self Care

If you are in a region where the holidays mark the beginning of the cold and dark season, it is a good idea to think about self-care. Of course, there are many ways of doing this, but one very effective method is to listen to the new song by the NYC singer, songwriter, and producer Mïrändä. In less than three minutes, she guides you through her routine in the shape of a bouncy and sunny pop song that instantly warms your heart.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Self Care,” on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:




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