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Seven Fresh Songs #111

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After London — Here, Tonite

British indie-rockers After London, offer another taste of their exquisite musicianship with the vibrant and hook-laden “Here, Tonite.” Vocalist Frank Ward evokes a darker version of Dream Wife’s Rakel but also Souxie and the Banshies at times. The band’s overall vibe is in the spirit of post-punk legends and it will be exciting to hear what they come up with next. We recommend to also listen to their previous single, the effervescent and fascinating “Operator,” which makes us long for more from After London and soon, please!

Asked about their new single, Ward says:

It is about taking control of your own life. It opens with ‘OK I get it, I start living in the present, I turned up, then came Armageddon’. Referring to the well known irony of finally feeling alright, then your life is turned upside down. A reminder to self that ‘you are your own creator, pick up the reins and get off the conveyor’. And repeats in the chorus an amalgamation of chaos and hope ‘I want your head held high, I want you here, tonite.’

The frontwoman continues:

It’s our set opener and an open invitation to everyone in the room to descend into chaos with us. It’s the first release out of many more to come, where we have sculpted a heavier and darker sound.

I wish I was there, tonight! I can feel the high energy of a truly explosive set in every single beat of “Here, Tonite,” so good! Listen to “Here, Tonite,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with After London here.

I Am Snow Angel — Twisted Romance

New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer Julie Kathryn aka I Am Snow Angel has a different angle on love in her new song. What does Romance look like if you cannot trust your and other people’s memory? It is a dark fantasy, but it comes as an elegantly produced, upbeat synth-pop track with lots of shimmering guitars thrown in.

Julie explains:

“‘Twisted Romance’ is a synth-pop love story set in a dystopian matrix where people’s memories can be erased — or generated, or recovered — within our vast grid of digitized consciousness. Reality and technology are interfused. I’m singing to someone who has either lost memories in the grid (like through a glitch, or even an intentional deletion) or maybe never actually had them (fabricated), and I am desperate to help this person recover the memories of how much we loved each other.”

I Am Snow Angel will release her third album, “Lost World,” on May 6. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Twisted Romance,” on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

Thom Southern — Suzanne I’m Sorry

Thom Southern, a singer/songwriter from Belfast, Ireland, drops his gorgeous self-produced debut album Plaza together with the beautifully fuzzy and super catchy “Suzanne I’m Sorry.” Even if your name is not Suzanne, you’d forgive Thom on the spot with a song like that. Soft, and bright with some exquisite guitar shredding that brings the sonic apology home. Asked about the track, Thom says:

Lyrically I kept things very simple and to the point. Through the use of a song there is an apology, reaching out to an old love and trying to reconnect with that person. I recorded the track in my Liverpool apartment along with the other tracks on my debut album with some minimal recording gear to keep things raw and meaningful.

Agreed! The focus and minimalism is what makes the magnetism of “Suzanne I’m Sorry.” In a nod to his busking days, Thom Southern includes live music snippets in his ultra-charming video. Check out the music video, filmed by Dan Hewitson, and listen to “Suzanne I’m Sorry,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Thom Southern here.

Kitty Perrin — The Escapist

U.K.-based singer/songwriter Kitty Perrin reflects about the desire to escape responsibility in her new single “The Escapist.” She has a bit of a moment with herself when she realizes that she can make herself feel blameless but that the outcome is not at all what she wanted. The music builds slowly to an emotional finale when Kitty repeats “I’ve been playing the victim” over and over.

Kitty says about the song:

“When I was processing a recent break-up, it eventually dawned on me that I was doing my best to avoid taking responsibility for my role in it. I realised that I’d been glad my ex had ended things so badly because it meant that I was the victim.

“‘The Escapist’ is about that desire I had to feel blameless at the end of that relationship, and our ability to invent false histories for our own peace of mind.”

Our Song Pick of the Day, “The Escapist,” will be on Kitty Perrin’s EP “Stick it Out,” out on Mat 6. Listen below:

Dylan — No Romeo

“No Romeo” sparkles with a beautifully infectious exuberance reminiscent of Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and marks the latest single by rising pop-star Dylan. The London-based singer/songwriter is gearing up for the release of her EP No Romeo, due on April 8th, and a tour through the U.K. later this year. Dylan writes empowering songs, with honest and meaningful lyrics, over super catchy melodies. Asked about “No Romeo,” she says:

I wrote no Romeo with my best friends in mind. I was tired of them going back to their questionable exes and letting themselves be treated like crap (although I think I needed the song as much as they did!) and wanted, as always, to write something empowering. The aim was to write an anthem for the late-night drives with the windows down, the shouting at the sea because LIFE, and the screaming crying throwing up heartbreak moments.

Listen to “No Romeo,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the enchanting video too:

Connect with Dylan here.

HOST — Not Alright

Things are rarely alright in the musical world of Irish singer, songwriter, and producer HOST. But this time, she is having it and strikes back with the hard-hitting electro-pop track, “Not Alright.”

HOST says about her new song:

“Not alright is about constantly shouldering your friends’ problems, absorbing their stress, and not having anyone to reciprocate yours. While already being in a bad place, this can quickly weigh you down mentally and emotionally. You can read their selfishness like a book, you know their next move because this isn’t your first rodeo and eventually, something’s gotta give.”

Listen to “Not Alright,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

Dylan Van Dam — Isabel

Hanging out with Dutch singer/songwriter Dylan Van Dam must be a joyous affair as his songs are bright, catchy, and unabashedly lovely. There’s a child-like sweetness in “Isabel,” when Dylan rhymes Isabel with ‘well’ and ‘spell’ but it works thanks to the track’s sunny vibe, and enchanting production. Asked about “Isabel,” Dylan says:

Girl-inspired, I describe being in love. In a pop song with punch. Listen and feel. I call it unbound, colourful, indie, pop.

We call it that too! Listening to “Isabel” is like dancing through a water-spending fire hydrant on a hot summer day, complete with a sparkling ice cream in hand.

Check out “Isabel,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Dylan Van Dam here.



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