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Lucas Laufen, Marilyn Hucek, néomi, Temple Invisible, Anastave, Grae and Neoma

Seven Fresh Songs #112

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Neoma — Tears at Bae

While “Tears at Bae” is about a breakup, it is also an upbeat, exhilarating pop song. No doubt that Denver-based, Ecuadorian musician Carla Huiracocha aka Neoma had a good deal of fun putting it together from a diverse set of influences. She explains:

“The song, written in February of 2021, features a Mellotron synth sound inspired by “Strawberry Fields Forever,” a chorus inspired by Metronomy, and disco violin strings inspired by the song “Rasputin” by Boney M.”

“Tears at Bae” is from Neoma’s upcoming album “Hyperreal,” out on April 29 on Soundbreaker Records. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

Lucas Laufen — I Don’t Believe in Loss

A song title like “I Don’t Believe in Loss” doesn’t leave you cold. It makes you feel something from empathy and agreement to anger almost anything is possible. My initial reaction was annoyance, like, what does this Australian singer/songwriter talking about? More specifically: why is Lucas Laufen’s conclusion to not believe in loss? And that’s when I became engaged and wanted to find out what was behind the title.

For starters, an utterly beautiful melody goes with “I Don’t Believe in Loss,” with gentle guitar finger-picking, and mellow piano chords, held together by Laufen’s velvety vocals. Asked about the song, Laufen says:

It was a strange coincidence to have people I’m close to all going through the same emotions at the same time and I think it was the shared experience of it all that pulled me back into a positive state of mind.

“I Don’t Believe in Loss” can be found on Laufen’s fourth upcoming studio album which emits hope at a time of darkness. By now, the musician lives in Berlin, Germany where he has signed with the prestigious label Embassy of Music. Laufen says further:

We all just started putting one foot in front of the other and living again, resolved to the fact that some answers wouldn’t come. And although I’m still questioning this whole topic, I feel more at peace with it after moving through this period with people I love.

Admittedly, I don’t fully understand it but I know what loss feels like, its constant, everlasting truth that gets a bit more bearable with gorgeous music like this.

Listen to “I Don’t Believe in Loss,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite platform or here:

Connect with Lucas Laufen here.

néomí — if i wasn’t made for love

Dutch/Surinamese singer/songwriter Neomi Speelman aka néomí is seriously doubting love. “if i wasn’t made for love,” she ponders in her dreamy and warm new folk-pop song, hoping to find some resolution. But sometimes, you just need time to grasp the obvious.

Neomi explains:

“‘ if i wasn’t made for love’ was written in a time where I doubted love in the most possible way ever. And let’s be honest, love is the most stupid thing in the world. Think about it: you want someone, you fall in love, you love each other, you hate each other, it hurts, you break up, and you keep doing that because every time you think once more ‘this is the one.’

With’ if i wasn’t’ made for love,’ I sing about the beauty and mystery of life. And what love brings to me, and I think also to others. The idea is: if life were simple, love would be simple as well. But in the end, it’s wonderful that love is complicated. I’d rather be ‘not made for love’ than understand it.”

Watch the video for “if i wasn’t made for love” directed by Anna-Rose Clayton and Stijn Mulder here:

Temple Invisible — Hold

Breaking their five-year hiatus, Romanian industrial electronic duo Temple Invisible released the enthralling “Hold,” the first single from their upcoming EP Chiasm, due April 29. Comprised of Irina Bucescu and Costas Ivanov, the duo formed in 2012 in Bucharest, Romania, and have been compared to acts like Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Nine Inch Nails. It’s the exquisite electronic production paired with an edgy grittiness and the exhilarating vibes of Temple Invisible’s sound that make these comparisons so obvious. All true but there are other elements too, like Irina Ivanov’s haunting and simply gorgeous vocal delivery, something we came to love from for example -closer to home- New York singer/producer I Am Snow Angel, or synth-pop duo RYAL.

True to Temple Invisible’s signature sound, “Hold” is a rich and lush track, yet one that keeps you on the edge, because underneath the mellow tunes lurks something darker, waiting to be explored. Asked about their new single, Irina says:

“Hold” is about transforming our unconscious fascination for the past into the full force of the present moment. It is about the enthrallment that the small child has for his parents, about our perception of the feminine and masculine energies, the essential duality of our psyche, about bringing awareness to our unconscious attachment to our past and the unconscious burden of trying to recreate it. That “force” is our authenticity, which needs to be free from irrational and limiting constraints from our past, in order to bloom.

Irina explains further:

The elation we’re talking about means that we don’t want to be a “walking life situation”, but a living, breathing being. It’s no small feat — finding balance. And in that process of deconstruction there is a mixture of first becoming aware of and then releasing aggressiveness, the need to control everything and, eventually, the feeling of loss. This initial “loss” transforms into finding that inner intersection, the chiasm of our true, authentic power and the actions that align with it.

Listen to “Hold,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Temple Invisible here.

Anastave — Cover the Dust

2022 seems to be a new start in many ways and so it seems fitting that we see the first new song from Berlin-via-NYC artist Anastave. We remember her well for the brilliant 2016 album “From the Other Side of the Fire,” which takes cues from 90s-style trip hop. With her new track, “Cover the Dust,” she moves firmly to the 2020s with more experimental electronic sounds. Lyrically the song tackles the “do good and talk about it” attitude, which has been only amplified by social media. Anastave says:

“This song also touches on media aimed at making us feel like we’re not enough, and the people who take advantage of that — who steer us in the direction of buying what they’re selling so that we can ‘feel whole’”

Anastave will release more music throughout the year. Also, watch out for our Q&A coming soon.

Listen to “Cover the Dust,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

Marilyn Hucek — Girls Girl

The honest advocacy in Marilyn Hucek’s new single “Girls Girl” shines through in every word and beat. The super talented singer/songwriter, who also plays piano and guitar, divides her time between Washington, DC, and New York. With a lifelong passion for all things music, Marilyn only recently took the plunge and wet her feet in the music world, and what a splash she made! If her first (!) two live shows are any indication, we are witnessing a musician poised to become a pop star.

With “Girls Girl,” Marilyn puts her money where her mouth is and enlisted women -and women only- to bring the song to life. The beautifully vibrant and exquisitely catchy track boils down to one crucial message, as Marilyn points out:

I hope more women realize that we need to support each other instead of bringing each other down. Be a girls girl!

Like with her previously released delicious pop-gems, “I’m Not Sorry” and “So Long New York,” “Girls Girl” will find its way onto every playlist that can handle an infectious and empowering pop-anthem.

Listen to “Girls Girl,” our Song Pick of the Day on any of your favorite streaming services, and here:

Connect with Marilyn Hucek here.

Grae — Forget You

We have been a fan of the smart pop music of Toronto-based artist Grae since her debut “New Girl” almost three years ago. Her latest song, “Forget You,” also deals with a breakup and that they are never easy to cope with. Even if it is so clear that you have to get out for your own good. Grae gives us some background about “Forget You”:

“‘Forget You’ was written when I finally decided to let go of a relationship I romanticized. This person no longer served me, yet I still found myself caught up in the nostalgia of it all, looking back on our time spent together with rose-coloured glasses. Whenever I tried to move on, I still thought about them. We always found our way back to each other and it never ended well. They weren’t good for me and had bad habits. I made their issues my own, tried to fix them, tried to be their savior. They held me back from pursuing new relationships and exploring new things. This song was therapeutic and emotional for me to write. A release of all these emotions I had been feeling for years. I felt sad writing it because as much as I knew I had to let them go, a part of me didn’t want to, but this song is goodbye to them and our failed attempt at love.”

“Forget You” is on Grae’s debut full-length album “Whiplash,” out April 15. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:



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