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Thus Love, Panteon, Many Voices Speak, Blake Morgan, Slye, Cassidy Mann and BERRIES

Seven Fresh Songs #114

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Many Voices Speak — Within Reach

In “Within Reach,” Swedish musician Matilda Mård aka Many Voices Speak takes you on a beautiful 6:11 minutes long reflective journey that you may want to do again and again. The song is the latest single from her upcoming album “Gestures,” out on April 29 via Strangers Candy.

Matilda gives us some insights:

“It is one of the songs on the album that started out from an issue and ended up as a reminder on how to cope with it. As the song was finished, I had figured out something new about myself that could actually help me in real life. That’s something that unites the songs on the album, that I’m trying to find new ways of thinking as a strategy for myself so that I can live with certain things that can’t be changed.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Within Reach,” on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

Thus Love — Inamorato

One of the most exciting bands to play this year’s New Colossus Festival are Thus Love, a post-punk trio from Brattleboro, Vermont. The three-piece just got signed to Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, and their debut album is announced for this fall.

With only one song officially released, this one song must be really good to make such an impact, and “Inamorato” is exactly that: magnificent! Listening to “Inamorato” is like going on a sunny boat ride that takes some unexpected turns in more turbulent waters, making the experience thrilling yet ultimately also more satisfying once safely back on land. The bass line is mesmerizing, the guitar bright and beautiful and the vocals deeply fascinating.

Lyrically, “Inamorato” is a song of hope and resilience, a tale of refusing to give in to dark thoughts even when facing the grimmest of circumstances. All three band members identify as trans and have spent years struggling on the margins. Asked about Thus Love, lead singer Echo Mars (she/her) says:

For us, THUS LOVE is much more than a band. We all came from small towns without many people like us, and it wasn’t until we arrived in Brattleboro and started playing music together that we found a community to truly call our own.

Mars explains further:

What I hope we’re able to accomplish with THUS LOVE is to redirect opportunities to those who haven’t had them and to create communities in the kinds of places where we grew up. We want them to know they’re not alone.

“Inamorato” comes with an inspired video, directed by Eleanor Harmon and Brigid Kennison, and tackles the dark subject matter with a bit of sardonic humor. In essence, it’s a fantastic video of an exciting young band not to be missed!

Watch the video and listen to “Inamorato,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Thus Love here.

Cassidy Mann — Since I Met You

“Since I met You” describes a moment in an epic cinematic way. Canadian singer/songwriter Cassidy Mann hones in on that moment when nothing else than honesty works anymore with somebody she has fallen in love with. But the way the song builds, you also feel the entire range of emotions that can wash over you in just a few minutes.

Cassidy says about the song:

“I’m in love with you and always have been. I loved the idea of this song existing in a moment that is very ‘now or never.’ Like on your last night with the person you’re in love with before they get on the train to leave forever.”

“Since I Met You” is on Cassidy Mann’s debut EP “If It’s Not Forever” out on April 1. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

Blake Morgan — My Love Is Waiting

From the first moment, I listened to Blake Morgan’s previous single “Down Below Or Up Above,” I became a huge fan of the artist and explored his back catalog with great joy. Had my fandom not already been sealed with that song and its beautifully cinematic video, then “My Love Is Waiting” would have done the job. Listening to the second single of Blake Morgan’s upcoming album Violent Delights (May 20, 2022) is an exhilarating, almost spiritual experience. “My Love Is Waiting” is incredibly gorgeous and just one of these songs you cannot get enough of and want to immediately play again even before the track has ended. So. Good.

To make this already alluring experience even better, the sonic love letter to New York City is accompanied by a fascinating black and white video shot entirely on location at Coney Island and on the New York City subway. The music video marks the second collaboration with Alice Teeple who created another instant classic. Morgan says about the filming of the video:

We wanted motion, propulsion — just like the song itself has. A modern-day music video crossed with Walter Hill’s The Warriors, full of energy, and full of hope. We also wanted to keep to the aesthetic of the whole record, as we did with the first video: one of classic cinema, where you’re not quite sure what decade this video was shot in. Alice and I both live and breathe that stuff. It’s why we have such a short-hand vocabulary when working together.

In the context of his upcoming album, Morgan says:

If I had only three minutes to play anyone anything from this new record, I’d pick these three minutes. It’s a brazen love song that dares you not to get out of your chair.

That’s exactly how I feel each time I press “play.” I almost don’t dare to breathe, certainly not move to not break the spell.

While I adore “My Love Is Waiting” and cannot wait for Violent Delights to drop, I am in awe of the many talents of Blake Morgan: a multi-instrumentalist, who writes, records, and produces his own songs, lends them his gorgeous vocals but also records and produces other artists, for example, Lenny Kravits or Lesley Gore, to just name two. Time to see this exceptional talent live, and there’s plenty of opportunity later this month!

Now, check out “My Love Is Waiting,” our Song Pick of the Day and watch the mesmerizing video:

Connect with Blake Morgan here.

Panteon — Archipelago

Yvonne Ambree aka Panteon invites you to escape your world and be at a place where life follows different rules. “Archipelago” recounts a blissful holiday and reminds us that while everything comes eventually to an end, you always have beautiful memories to go back to.

Yvonne says:

“Archipelago was written in the summer of 2021 while I was visiting a good friend of mine in Stockholm, Sweden. We rented a small bakery cottage on Värmdo in the Swedish archipelago for a week and didn’t do much except reading and taking ferries to all the islands surrounding us. The lyrics to the song are almost journal like and just a snapshot or photograph of the time being there — we were surrounded by all this nature and water and horses and birds and spiders crawling out of every corner in the little cottage.”

Panteon will play a show in NYC at Berlin on April 11. Listen to “Archipelago,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming platform or below on YouTube:

Slye — Dancing on My Own

The self-love anthem “Dancing on My Own,” is the last single from Slye’s five-track EP Shades of Blue, and it is gorgeous! The Liverpool-based singer, songwriter, and producer pursues the idea of moving both the body and the mind by combining the infectious grooves of late 70s, early 80s funk music with the introspective lyricism and melodies of modern indie R&B and rock. A celebration of life, Shades of Blue tells personal stories that are brimming with funky grooves accentuated by delicate synth-pop elements and vocals to get lost in.

Asked about “Dancing on My Own,” Slye says:

Dancing On My Own was written as an anthem of self-love. A song written about the process of enjoying time alone. I wanted to write something that really played with that introvert / extrovert idea. The insular lyrics combined with the sax hook create this cool dichotomy that I like.mThe breakdown I wrote as an ‘introvert’s prayer’ with the lyrics being; “I volunteer to be guided by my heart. I choose for one to beat as one.” I really wanted to play on this theme of positive solitude.

Seeing Slye live must be an intense and utterly fascinating experience, from what I can tell by watching the live videos and Instagram snippets. Slye says:

We’ve been playing this track live for a while now and it can get pretty wild, it seems to be the one that get’s everyone up and dancing and it always turns into some mad funk jam which I’m always up for.

Indeed, remaining unmoved and seated seems to be impossible thanks to the jazzy, disco-vibe of “Dancing on My Own” which makes you want to do just that, and that’s completely fine. Listen to “Dancing on My Own,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Slye here.

BERRIES — Wall of Noise

BERRIES are Holly (guitar/vocals), Lauren (bass) and Lucie (drums) from London. Their new song “Wall of Noise” is classic, fuzzy guitar rock, which works well against any thought distortion in your head. The band explains:

“Lyrically the song gives a nod to how self-doubt and how solitude can heighten and affect these feelings. Feeling lost or confused can produce the noisiest thoughts in your mind and that’s what we wanted to convey in this song.”

Listen to “Wall of Noise,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:




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