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Seven Fresh Songs #115

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Lovechild — Hats Off

Today’s my #glamglarepick feature and hey, I’ve enjoyed 5 (five!) days of live music. Five days filled with gorgeous sounds, beautiful people, great vibes, and just all-around a fantastic time. Lio, Steven, and Mike, the three founders of the New Colossus Festival know what they’re doing. And they know music.

Loving the New York music scene, I nevertheless tried to catch as many out-of-town bands as I could. But I also made sure to see some of my friends and musicians who are just really on top of their craft. One of these bands is Lovechild, a three-piece comprised of singer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist Leo Lovechild and fellow multi-instrumentalists, the twin brothers Wyatt and Aaron Mones. Single and video “Hats Off” are from their recently released album All You Need Is Lovechild and the lively track keeps you all fired up and ready for… more! Their festival’s show on Friday at East Berlin was so much fun and they have a flurry of more coming up. Check them around. Seriously, do.

Listen to “Hats Off,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

Connect with Lovechild here.

ANIQO — Vivre Libre

“Vivre Libre” refers to the moment when things fall into place, and you can see the end of a struggle. Everyone one of us can probably come up with multiple events where such a breakthrough cannot come soon enough but for Berlin-based musician Anita Goß aka ANIQO this also refers to her debut album “Birth”, which has been in the making for a few years now. She explains:

“Imagine you have been drifting on the ocean for years, almost drowning, without strength. This moment when you see land again — that is VIVRE LIBRE and the knowledge that you can make it, that you can do anything, that you are free.”

“Birth” will be out this Friday on SPRINGSTOFF. Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “Vivre Libre” here:

Tom Jenkins — Back Roads

Welsh indie-folk artist Tom Jenkins delights with the beautiful “Back Roads,” the first single from a flurry more and maybe an album out this year. I know how important it is to find a good home for your music or any of your creative work and Tom’s excitement for signing with Xtra Mile Recordings shines through when he says:

I’ve had the privilege of sharing almost my whole journey in music with Xtra Mile Recordings. From the label releasing some of my favourite bands and artists, to eventually putting out my own music as a teenager and through to my early twenties with two Straight Lines album campaigns. I’m very excited to begin this new chapter as a solo artist and grateful to be working once again with a great group of people with a great vision and ideas for their roster.

This is very much a mutual feeling, which is essential in a partnership because the label adds:

Everyone at Xtra Mile is thrilled to be reacquainted with Tom. We loved Straight Lines and have been floored by his new album. We can’t wait to start the campaign and continue our work with Tom in 2022 and beyond.

We dig the joyful, optimistic vibe of “Black Roads,” simply bright and beautiful! Listen to “Back Roads,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the lovely video too:

Connect with Tom Jenkins here.

Tiiva — To Get Better

“It’s all we need to get better” London-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tiiva reminds us that it is small things and human connection we need to experience happiness. Their sprawling synth pop anthem “To Get Better” accordingly does not try to thrill you, but rather radiates comfort and small joys.

Tiiva says about the song:

“I wrote this over lockdown (I know but wait). There was a lot of fast cry- walking around Peckham, wine soaked lockdown poems, and a couple of blurry house party’s (no Boris- just the app). Over this time, I started to discover a community of people who, for all the best reasons, changed everything. We hung out on hills, made rituals, sharing and cooking. Sometimes poems and sometimes just sitting in silence listening to the wind in the trees. We’d all never had that time before- in front of us like a void, and finding this community felt beautiful, connected and grounding…like learning how to be myself.”

bennytheghost — My Boy

Los Angeles-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist bennytheghost has us happily dancing and singing along from “My Boy” ‘s first few bars until the song’s last notes at 2:55 minutes. “My Boy” is beautifully infectious with its bright and upbeat vibe. The musical influences bennytheghost grew up with find their way into his songwriting yet his sound is very much his own, and so addictive that I wonder why I didn’t come across this artist any sooner?

The influences bennytheghost grew up with are pretty much my favorite bands of the aughts, so the attraction is no wonder. Asked about “My Boy,” he says:

The multiple guitar parts all intertwine together to outline the harmony and drive the emotion behind the vocals. Coupled with Phoenix-inspired synth and drums and desperate lyrics searching for acceptance, “My Boy” hits with the anthemic hook now characteristic of a bennytheghost song.

Find “My Boy” on bennytheghost’s upcoming EP 29 Palms, out 4/28 via AWAL Recordings, and listen to our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with bennytheghost here.

Jo Beth Young — Adversity

When you listen to “Adversity,” the cinematic new song by U.K. musician Jo Beth Young it is hard not to imagine vast landscapes, ancient rituals, and eternal powers. Jo performs and produces much of the music herself, and we are looking forward to immersing more into her world on the upcoming album “Broken Spells.”

Watch the beautiful video filmed at The Burren in Ireland directed by Nathan Cockerill and Tomas Domansky here:

Ian McFarland — Plus One to Heaven

New York-based indie-rock artist Ian McFarland celebrates his birthday and the release of his second album Almost There on the same day, together with a show at the iconic Rockwood Music Hall. Talk about reasons to celebrate! The album’s featured track is “Plus One to Heaven,” which we also chose as our #glamglarepick. We like the song’s pulsating vibe, complete with handclaps and warm guitar tones.

McFarland says about the album and its lead single:

“Almost There” is the culmination of two years working on myself and my music. It follows highs and lows that are universal and to me very personal. Almost There is completely digestible with a pop rock sensibility with plenty of commercial viability. The track I want people to focus on is the opener “Plus One to Heaven” which showcases my unique and youthful angst towards religion.

How does McFarland handle that not baseless discomfort? The artist explain:

The lyrics follow a narrative of a person who has lost control of their life and is asking someone who has it together to help them through this. The chords are simple and diatonic with two sharps and follow a linear pop songwriting style that dates back to early rock and roll with only a minor bridge.

Listen to “Plus One to Heaven,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Ian McFarland here.




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